Winner of HGTV's 2007 Dream Home is Catholic!

HGTV is one of my favorite channels and entering their Dream
Home Sweepstakes a priority come (every) January!!! I also like
to hear who won and their reactions. Lo and behold, today I went
on the website and read the interview they had with the winner and
was so happy to read
Robert O’Neill, Sr. say “…My strength today is in my rosary and my love of Jesus.” I wish I knew how to
direct you to it but its on the website (HGTV) under the Dream
Home tab and then "What it’s like to win an HGTV Dream Home."
I don’t know Mr. O’Neill but I do know Who he’s talking about and
he (Mr. O’Neill) feels a little like family. I’m happy for him!


Nice, nice, nice! If it couldn’t be you or I, I’m glad it was he!:thumbsup:

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