Winning the War on Advent


We need to show by example how to celebrate Advent AND THEN Christmas.
This has been on my mind a lot, especially since I left home ... a while ago, let's say.
It was especially hard when I had young children.

From Scott P. Richert's blog:

In other words, what is often called "the Christmas shopping season" has become, in many people's minds, the Christmas season. And then the real Christmas season, which runs from Christmas Eve until Epiphany, simply becomes preparation for the New Year.

But anticipating Christmas in this way not only deemphasizes Advent; it dilutes Christmas, too. So those who are worried about the War on Christmas should also take up arms (metaphorically, of course) to defend Advent.


I wish my diocese had seen this article. The bishop allowed the city to put up its Christmas tree on the Cathedral grounds. The city had the lighting ceremony last weekend and the bishop was quoted in the daily paper as saying that this was a "wonderful way to welcome the Christmas season." I brought this up at the local tourist bureau meeting and reminded the committee that the Church teaches us that we are not in the Christmas season. I was against the idea of putting the tree there because, as a Church, we would be sending the faithful a mixed message. Worse yet, Santa was also going to be there.

My parochial vicar mentioned the tree in passing during his homily. But, he told us that despite the fact that it is there, we need to remember that we are in Advent.

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