Winter here in Niagara

Winter is here, we’re supposed to have 10cm of snow today.

Did you ever see Niagara Falls frozen? here it is (I think this photo is from 1998)

Right now the river is like this:

BRRRRRRRRR! do the Falls freeze every winter?

no not that much, if it would the rainbow bridge would break again.

stay warm! not sure how much 10cm of snow is since we use inches here.

i live in the mountains in the southwest. so far, we haven’t received a lot of snow yet.

it didn’t stay, it just stayed on the cars for a few hours then melted and as for the difference between centimeters and inches it’s like this: 2.5 centimeters is 1 inch so if the soil would have been cold enough there would have been 4 inches of snow.

Man! that is absolutly beautiful :yup:

Absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. But the temperatures it must take to do that remind me why I resolved long ago never to move north of the Ozarks, and I’m mighty doubtful of even their northern reaches. From my perspective, I would say the Arctic Circle starts more or less at the north city limits of Ste Genevieve, Missouri.

Beautiful photos!
As a confirmed cold weather wimp, though, I’m staying far below the Mason/Dixon.Up North means Atlanta.:wink:

we are expecting two feet of snow today and tomorrow in the mountains of the southwest!

it is very pretty when you can sit inside and watch it snow, but not fun to have to drive in.

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