Winter party instead of Christmas party :(


Happy solstice my religious friend…


Yeah, that’s Europeans for you. Of all the peoples of the world, there are no people as bent on wiping their original religion from the face of their continent as the Europeans. Not that I consider any other part of the West to be the gold standard of authentic religiosity, but honestly, the Europeans are positively embarassed that they were ever Christians. And as you pointed out, it’s never the muslims or Hindus demanding that an occasion be relabeled. It’s always the “native Europeans”, i.e. those whose ancestors were Christians only 2 or 3 generations ago, who in their eagerness to remove the last vestiges of their Christian past from their customs, routines, and vocabulary, propose these “improvements”.

Your “winter party” is a good example. Another would be saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes. Try that in Europe and you’ll be met with a puzzled stare that says “Did he really say that?” Or when a European laments to you about their personal circumstances, try telling them you’ll pray for them. That’ll be the last time they ever have a personal talk with you. Honestly, Europe is a spiritual wasteland, and the social protocol there includes the iron rule that you must hide your religion – or rather: you must hide it if your religion is Christianity.

Anyway, that’s enough of a rant from me. Otherwise I love the Europeans, especially their fries and mayo. Seriously though, I know there are still pockets of staunch Catholics to be found in Europe, but their numbers are now so low – at least that I know of – that the Masses feel like they’re almost private.


Thank you so much for your reply! You are hitting the nail on the head as you guys would probaly say :blush:.


Brilliant! Thank you, irishmom! Best laugh of the day!


Provided there is good food and drink my coworkers would be willing to celebrate Tuesday.


I’m willing to celebrate good food and drink no matter the day. :grin:


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