Winter Storm Warning For Southwestern Indiana


Hi everyone. There is a Winter Storm Warning out for parts of Southwestern Indiana and I believe Southern Illinois and parts of Western Kentucky. Could you all please pray that anyone who has to travel will be safe and that the power would not go out because if it does, we’ll all be freezing cold. They are forecasting freezing rain and such for most of the week. Please pray for us.


Ahh yes. I’ve been watching that system for a while. The bad area is yet to be specifically determined but some modeling does show Indiana getting some ice. Although the guys over in Norman have trended the greatest risk further south. Keep in mind that this systems bares much watching and prayers though.


Dear Jesus

Please watch over all travellers at this time. Grant them a safe journey. Grant too that they may be responsible and that they may place all their trust in you.

St. Christopher, pray for us


Lord, please hear our prayers for the safety of everyone in this region.


Thank you for your prayers everyone. I believe the freezing rain has begun to fall.


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