Wireless Customers Won't Be Thanking Donald Trump


Isn’t that because net neutrality wasn’t killed?


I’m a T-Mobile customer…for a long time. Sprint is weak in my area so few people that need reliable connections use them. Verizon is very strong here but their customer service is terrible. We tried Att but our own home was a dead zone so we called to cancel after two days. They eventually admitted we were in a dead zone and tried to force us to remain with them anyway. I threatened to discuss this public ally in the paper and they immediately allowed me to cancel…this was ten years ago and we went to T-Mobile and have been happy customers ever since.

I read the Bloomberg report above and I’m not so sure of their views. Three equally powerful providers may have more pressure to keep costs down than two dominant and two weak contenders. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they are right. T-Mobile made its reputation on being the different kind of carrier…they may not ever play by the big boys rules. Time will tell.

It may not make a difference at 5G speeds when it comes.

Yeah, appears to be very regional. T-mobile is great in the regions I frequent. Verizon is the best where my sister lives.

Three work addresses ago I worked in a “green” building. The windows had metallic content meant to reflect sunlight and keep the building cool. These windows also blocked RF. The building managers had to add micro-cells so that people could use their phones indoors. They added micro-xells for 2 of the 4 big providers. If you were not using one of them you had no cell coverage indoors.

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Comparing my signal strengths to many friends on Verizon, outside of a building we are equal but the Verizon users do get stronger signals indoors. I can only assume it has to do with the bands they each run on…I’m not cell tower savvy enough to know.

My experiences with Verizon and customer service might very well be a local issue. I’ve gone into their stores on several occasions and have been ignored or treated like a cretin every time…even different stores! Every time I’ve been in a T-Mobile store or called customer service, I’ve been nothing but pleased…also several different stores. So, I have no idea what the problem is here other than they have a huge number of customers at Verizon but it really soured me on their brand…well, that and the highest prices of all of them! It would easily cost me over a hundred dollars more to switch four phones and a hotspot device with our usages. Nope, not to just get a stronger reception inside buildings.

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