Wisconsin court rules that assisting in suicide is not ‘killing’

Wisconsin court rules that assisting in suicide is not ‘killing’


The Wisconsin District 4 Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that the wife and the daughter of a Wisconsin man who committed suicide can inherit their estate even if they assisted in the act. The ruling was criticized by Wisconsin Right to Life for giving a financial incentive for people to help their relatives kill themselves.

The ruling concerned a Wisconsin law that prevents anyone who “intentionally kills” another from inheriting from that person, the Associated Press reports.

Writing for the unanimous three-judge panel, Judge Margaret Vergeront argued "A person who assists another in voluntarily and intentionally taking his or her own life is plainly not depriving the other of life."……

I’m reminded of the frog being burned in boiling water analogy.

Nazi Germany was like a frog being placed in boiling water and jumping out immediately. We were horrified by the acts of evil the Nazis committed.

Now, we’re like a frog being placed in cold water, with the temperature being slowly turned up, boiling our society to death.


Great. So I can blow my spouce away, claim that they wanted me to help do it, and collect. great. Liberal Wisconsin. Gotta love it.

A bit of good news on this front:

Initiative 1000 Opponents Debut Actor Martin Sheen in Commercials Olympia—Today, the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide announced it has started a $750,000 broadcast advertising campaign, featuring actor Martin Sheen. Sheen agreed to help publicize the dangers of Initiative 1000, the assisted suicide measure on the November ballot in Washington State.

Good for Sheen! We are well started down the road regarding the aged and disabled as “life-unworthy life” to use the Nazi’s phrase.

I’ll give Sheen credit for that, but that is all. He is still a socialist.

and here’s a linky to the text of the case.

I’d assume that its headed for the Wisconsin Supreme Court for further review.

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