WISCONSIN: "Teacher Donates Kidney To Student"


Teacher Donates Kidney To Student

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) – A first grade teacher in Oakfield, outside of Milwaukee, is going above and beyond the call of duty for one of her students.

Jodi Schmidt is donating a kidney to the 8-year-old girl.

Natasha Fuller was born with kidney disease and she needs dialysis to stay alive.

But, doctors said to keep on living, the eight year old needed a transplant.

"She’s sweet and she’s, she’s very sick, but she’s always happy, " Schmidt told our Milwaukee affiliate, WISN.

The little girl’s grandmother, Chris Burelton, says, “Her and her husband and her family are our family now forever.”

Schmidt, has three young children of her own.

The transplant surgery is planned soon.


I took a local story but it is being covered nationally.

hngn.com/articles/187070/20160310/watch-emotional-moment-teacher-gifts-kidney-first-grader.htm (see photo)


It such a great gift. I guess there are no words to describe this. Amazing…Receiving a chance to live is huge. And from whom? From the teacher! We’ve got used to blame teachers for basically everything: students using essays writing service, students bullying, etc. But here… It’s a heroic action worth award. I know that such people do not do it for the award. They simply want to help. I started to wonder whether I would do something like this. To be honest, I do not know. It is a very serious decision that can influence your health. So, I just do not know


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