Wisconsin to defund Planned Parenthood, joins Indiana, Kansas and North Carolina


Wisconsin is set to become the fourth state to defund Planned Parenthood.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign off on a state budget that would eliminate federal and state funding to nine of the state’s 25 Planned Parenthood centers by the end of the month.

Wisconsin will join Indiana, Kansas and North Carolina in passing similar legislation. Each cut funding to the health care and abortion provider earlier this year.

The state’s Legislature passed the $66 billion budget on June 16. That includes a $1 million cut to Planned Parenthood. All the Republicans and one independant voted in favor of the plan while all the Democrats opposed it.

Halelujah! I hope that Minnesota is next! :smiley: I hate paying taxes when some of the money I give the government goes for government funded genocide!

So do I my friend. So do I.

[LEFT]What do the legislatures of these three states have in common? They all have Republican majorities. Remember that the next time somebody tells you Republicans don’t really care about abortion.[/LEFT]

Your taxes don’t fund abortion

I am a CPA with 30 years of dealing with businesses. I know of no way to separate the tax money that goes to an organization that performs abortions in such a matter that you can claim none of the was used to pay for abortions. Money is fungible. Money Planned Parenthood is received from the government frees up other funds to pay for abortion services Do you really think when the janitor sweeps out the Planned Parenthood clinic that he is paid separately for the time he spent cleaning the common areas and the errors were abortions are performed ?Do they allocate their phone bill when they pay it between phone calls concerning abortion and other services? When they pay their rent or mortgage payment do they allocate that payment between abortion services and other services? .

There is an easy solution. It Planned Parenthood is concerned about losing funding. Quit performing abortions.

Well said my friend.

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