Wise Guy answers to serious question

On anther board, someone honestly asked how to tell his parents that he has converted to Catholicism. When I read the title “How do I tell my Baptist parents that I converted to Catholicism”, I thought, “Hey, Mom! I’m a cannibal!” Then I thought, “Hey, Dad! I worship statues!”

Maybe that wasn’t the most generous view of how Baptists view us, but since the poster seemed nervous about the announcement, that’s where my mind went.

What would your wise guy response be? Catholics? Non-Catholics?

Now, this is not a serious debate question.

This one is just for fun. This is poking good-natured fun at the stereotypes we have of each other (Admit you have them, for Pete’s sake.), so don’t try to be really mean. A little cheeky is OK, :slight_smile:

How about " Mom, Dad I have cancer and the doctor say I have only six months to live." then just before they start to cry say" folks relax I was just kidding I am fine I:D have just converted to the Catholic Church"

Well good thing you said this was for fun cuz what I’m about to say could be the stupidest thing I’ve said in these forums. :o

“Hey mom! I’ve found medieval knights so cool, I’ve decided to follow their religion! 8D”

Mom, Dad, I’m gay… I mean Catholic.

Ask them: "Mom, Dad; do you know why a squirrel swims on his back?

Tell them the answer, wait a moment then tell them you are Catholic.

I thought Mary is so amazing I decided she could be my Mom too!

Mom, Dad, I was so impressed with Dan Brown’s presentation of the Catholic Church that I’ve decided to join… And the let me join Opus Dei, too!

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