Wish to be called for priesthood

I’m now 21 and desire to be called for priesthood. Would it be too proud or is simply a wishful thinking? How could I pray for my becoming a priest when I am a timid sinner not knowing how to profess my Faith? I don’t know how to serve people from all walks of life, but I wish God would give me the graces to become a priest - and I trust that He would cure my fear! Am I too proud?

Wishing doesn’t do it. You are either called or not, although a strong desire can in fact be an indicator of a vocation.

If you are not yet under a spiritual director, find one. Or call your diocesan vocation office. You need to start the process of discernment, and it is two sided.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your discernment.

21 is very young,no one at that age knows how to serve everyone.If He gives that grace He will,there are many other ways to serve

Talk to your pastor, your diocese’ vocations director. There are things that you can do to discern whether you may have a vocation.

Yes, this. Talk to him, tell him your heart’s desire and he will tell you what you need to know and do. May God bless you in your discernment, and call you if it His will for you.

We have a person discerning at a Franciscan seminary right now, and he’s 19.
It’s not too young. It really depends on the person.
The OP should see the vocations director in his Diocese, or the Director at whatever order he’s interested in.
Serious talks with his pastor is a good place to start.

I have seen a spiritual director since half year ago for bimonthly meetings. In the mid Oct meeting he told me to really try praying for Vocations and affirmed some ‘primitive signs’, but I am still wondering if praying for a clearer understanding would be too proud.

Prayer is never a waste of time, regardless of the outcome.

I saw this in a thread on CAF which is so encouraging to me:

In these days even the slightest inspiration is a great gift from God, so don’t take it for granted. Trust God and run with it. “Do not be afraid”!. If you hesitate, the world will snatch this gift from you. If God is not calling you to religious life, He will reveal this to you in due time and order things properly. If called to marriage, a devout Catholic wife He will be preparing for you, but only if you trust and have patience.

Don’t worry, have faith! You’re still young and that’s a good thing. I used to be quite shy about professing my faith, but over time I gained confidence. I believe it was a lot of prayer, patience, and a lot of God’s grace that helped me along.

Given the fact that you desire to be a priest is a good sign that you may be called. But the first step is to discern the seminary. If you feel God’s call to enter seminary, do not be afraid. A lot of great things happen when we trust in God. You may find that after a few years in the seminary, you’ll be confident enough to publicly profess your faith.

Know of my prayers. Have no fear, for God is with us.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I am not a saint - instead I am a big sinner unworthy of the priesthood, though… sometimes I fall because I’m so stupid to believe in the lies and tricks of the Devil and my Reason is not functioning well…

It takes 8 years to become a priest so he will have plenty of time to make sure it’s what he’s called to do and learn how to serve everyone.

I attend a huge and wonderful Jesuit parish. Nowadays most of the young men already have a bachelor’s or masters degrees and have worked or been missionaries before starting their novitiate. Most are ordained in their early thirties and have studied all over the world. The academic requirements are quite stiff, but well worth it for those they serve!:slight_smile:

The first order I sought to enter to discern a vocation to the priesthood actually encourages and develops lay people for lay ministry as much as it does for clerical vocations. Their vocations director said that as much as I may believe I have a vocation to the priesthood I am better suited for lay ministry.

That was 5 years ago and since have discerned a vocation to the priesthood up to this year I know now that he was correct. Don’t think that its Priesthood or Bust in your desires for a vocation, it is a calling to fulfill God’s Will in your life and in this world and there are many great ways to go about doing that outside of the clerical ranks. In fact the aforementioned vocations director I referred to said that we are in need of lay ministers in our just even more so than we are in need of clergymen.

I agree with all that you said, which is always what I believe. Right now I may still pray for Vocation, but at the same time I am also learning the more important lesson of patient listening. In fact even if I am not called to Priesthood I still have to pray for my future direction in Medicine as I am not sure which specialty I like most.

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