When the man of my dreams(literaly) broke up with me 4 months ago, I was so distraught that I turned to love spells. Every since then, I feel that the little bit of friendship him and I had is gone. Not to mention, I feel like I am carrying this black cloud around that is full of bad luck. I was raised Catholic and have always been very strong in my faith. Why I turned to this, I don’t know! How can I reverse this, and come back to the peace of the Lord? I have prayed and prayed about our relationship and forgiveness for this, but I feel like there is this box around me and nothing can get out.

Confess to a priest about this in detail, as it does constitute grave sin. Do it soon.

As for the rest, here is the advice of Fr. Fortea, a priest exorcist (his website is currently not working).

When people come to my parish saying that they are suffering from a curse, I tell them that, outside of certain exceptions, it is impossible to verify a diabolic causality; but if in fact they are suffering from a curse, the only remedy and medicine is to do the following daily:

-pray a mystery of the rosary.
-read the Gospel for 5 minutes.
-speak with God for a few moments.
-go to mass (on Sundays or even more frequently)
-place a blessed crucifix in the house.
-place a blessed image of the Virgin Mary in the house.
-make the sign of the cross with holy water once a day.

Doing this, if the evils they suffer are caused by the devil, these will begin to subside.

But if they do not begin to diminish in any way, that will be a sign that they are not caused by a curse.

Hope it helps.

Bit hard on yourself aren’t you. You would not be the first woman to do something stupid and useless as the old love potion No.99’ You have already asked the good Lord for forgiveness; go to confession and then forget about it. I believe the black cloud may be regret and rueful remorse and a whole gamut of . emotions that anyone feels after a traumatic breakup. Be thankful you met a really nice man and move on. So many other women will still envy you that experience. If you still have these feelings you could ask Our Lady, woman to woman, to find another of many countless fish in the sea. Turn to her towards Jesus rather than the mocking liars of the devil.

REPENT AND TURN TO THE LORD. You must also understand that the Church cannot tolerate such things like ‘spells’ as indicated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2116.
Yes you can turn to the Lord by confessing your sins and also by affirming that in stop doing what you are doing. That is right choice to make. You can use other alternatives to mend your relationship and to be at peace, by consulting an experts on how to cope with that kind of relationship e.g. talk about it to a priest, or see therapist or counselor but not that.

My final advice is never turn to evil means because that is not GOOD AT ALL for a Catholic and for a Christian and for a person. Be strong in your faith, trust in Jesus Christ the Almighty.

Dear Prayer Warrior: When we often experience a loss or feel in adequate this is when the devil is at his greatest. He temps us with visions of power over others but it is only an empty void of hell and damnation. If you believe in God and Jesus as long as you are truly sorry as well as renounce all witchcraft and Satan’s evil ways then God will forgive you and he will always be there for you. You can reverse this by turning away from Satan and all his evil, praying to god to forgive you for being tempted by such evil. Every time you feel the urge to turn toward the dark side, say to yourself: Get thee behind me Satan and take your evil ways back to hell because I renounce you and yours. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are my salvation-say it like you mean it.
Keep saying this like you mean it-salvation shall be yours

Praise God and Jesus
God go with you

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