With Ancient Language, Catholic Mass Draws Young Parishioners

Roman Catholic Mass was at one time universally celebrated in Latin, the ancient Roman language.

After the second Vatican Council in the 1960s, Mass was allowed to be celebrated in the language of the people, meaning Mass in Peru was celebrated in Spanish and Mass in the United States was celebrated in English – you get the picture.

Latin is now sometimes referred to as “the dead language,” but it is not dead in Miami.



Father Joe Fishwick has been leading the traditional Latin Mass at the chapel for almost 20 years. He says he’s noticed a change in attendance recently.

“The fascinating thing is the number of young people who discover the old liturgy and who fall in love with it,” he says. “There’s indeed a thirst for a return to one’s roots.”

Good to hear the young being so enthusiastic about their heritage.

These young seem to have their heads in the right place. Let’s hope they all go on to become saints.

20-something checking in. I’ve been meaning to go more. I’ve only been twice but they were so nice.



Good to see videos like this one. She sees a lot of things I didn’t about the Latin Mass


Good to know, my parish might have it’s first Latin Mass because we are hosting a chant training retreat.

If this keeps up, I really hope that when God wills me to be a priest let alone being ordained one.

It will be like this


“When you go to the older Mass, you have the Latin, you have the incense, you have the priest facing the crucifix and the focus is completely off you,” he says. “All the attention is turned towards the sacrifice.”

Just as it should be, and yet, the above is displeasing to some of the older crowd who want the focus placed upon community. :frowning:

Oh really?

and yet, the above is displeasing to some of the older crowd who want the focus placed upon community. :frowning:

Again, really? Please remember that the Ordinary Form IS the ORDINARY form, and is just as much, if not more so, a perfect sacrifice. You err in thinking the “older crowd” wants focus on the community. How 'bout some truthful statistics? Most of the older crowd would never want to go back to the TLM, as has been proved over and over in many, many posts in the TC forum. Thomas Casey moderated such posts as yours, often removing them, as pitting one form against the other.

How beautiful that this young girl speaks about ***discipline! ***She could teach us a thing or two, right? As the article quotes, all the attention is focused on the sacrifice, not on man and the Church emphasizes that the ends of the liturgy, no matter the form, are adoration, contrition, thanksgiving and supplication.

There is a wonderful book called Treasure and Tradition by Lisa Bergman that every Catholic should read. Even ones that may oppose the TLM. It goes into the history and explains each part of the Mass in detail.


Oh really? You identify as a Carmelite. I know of one very special Carmelite from Lisieux who would be astonished at your bolded statement above…considering the fact that the Extraordinary Form is the only Mass she knew! The TLM is a most beautiful Mass, and as others have pointed out the attention is turned towards the sacrifice. There’s a certain sense of mystery, beauty and awe here that’s beyond description! And no one on here that I’m aware of is pitting one form against the other.

Peace, Mark

If you watch the video of the young girl posted above, what is so striking is this intense focus on her feelings about the Latin Mass. I, me, my, mine feature in a way the Evangelicals like to talk. Her attitude towards the ordinary form is insulting but I don’t suspect she realises that. Mass is not about the hour in Church on Sunday. It is about the Priest sending us forth from the Eucharistic table to go out into the world in greater charity and neighbourliness. The Mass as we now know it was meant to instill a greater sense of us in the world as the ‘Church’ rather than an isolated building and fancy vestments and ‘the event of the Mass’ for the single hour on a Sunday.

How is this better achieved with the vernacular which splits parishes into Spanish, English, Polish, Vietnamese where one group never meets the other and in many instances, are even hostile to them? And that Eucharist argument might not be as deep as you think as half of the the congregation doesn’t even receive at the non-English Masses I’ve attended.

Indeed. However at the time she lived, there was no Ordinary Form of the Mass. :cool:

Re the blue, it would be a good idea to read this link. [Has this section of CAF now become the new TC Forum?]

As I tell people, Immediate Judgement comes before the communion of saints. Let’s not presume we’ll all be on the right side.

The first comment says that the Vatican representative who assisted with the filming was Joseph Ratzinger! :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the FSSP? Here is a Latin Mass study from the FSSP . It’s over an hour but worth it.


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