With God, all things are possible

I feel sheepish even asking this question, but it is one I have wondered about for some time.

I believe in the TRUE PRESENCE in the Eucharist. I also understand how Tradition plays a role in the Catholic Church’s priesthood, and the theology behind transubstantiation.

I know Protestant churches vary in their beliefs on Holy Communion, most believing it is symbolic, while others maybe con-substantiation, etc.

My question is- if with God, all things are possible… He can do anything… how do we know, as Catholics, that we are the only ones receiving Our Lord, body, blood, soul, and divinity, in the Holy Eucharist?

This ought to be interesting. It’s a very good question. I suppose it depends upon one’s faith. Christ said when 2 or more gather in my name, I will be there. It seems to me he can be present at any Christian Church, Catholic or not, and this possibly includes their version of communion, and to question this is questioning Christ himself. Do I know this for a fact, certainly not, but as you said with God, all things are possible.

While I’m a Catholic, I don’t believe the Catholic Church has exclusive rights to Christ. Just my opinion.

I believe only Catholic and other who is in communion with the RC will have Jesus being present in the Holy Eucharist.

We can think of confession. Do you believe you go to a non-Catholic pastor and confess to him, would you receive absolution? Of course not.

Same thing goes with the Eucharist, only priest who is given the authority to forgive sin to celebrate the Mass … through him, the bread and wine become His body and blood.

For non-Catholic, yes, Jesus will be among them, but in the Eucharist, it is just a bread and normal wine.

I think a key distinction in your questions is the difference between God being present, say in the room, and God being present full body, blood, and divinity specifically in the eucharist. It think it is safe to say that in both buildings (a Catholic church, and a protestant one) that God is present, however only in a Catholic church is God fully present in the Eucharist.

Well said, water!

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