With Halloween approaching


…do you think ‘celebrating’ with a party is okay or wrong? There are some who think it’s from the devil and the candy be damned. Some others try to Catholicize it by encouraging children to dress up as saints and combine it with All Saints day and other silly things. But I’ve never seen it as anything else than an excuse to play dress up and get free candy.

I wonder if it’s too soon to post this, but in my store the black cats and ghosts are already up and ready to go, so…:shrug:


Halloween was traditionally a Christian feast marking the Eve of All Soul’s (All Hallows Eve). But, it has been transformed into one of two things – many Protestants celebrate the heresy of Luther and his attempt at destroying God’s Church (since Luther nailed his satanic thesis to the door of Catholic Church on Oct. 31). Most celebrate what has become a secular holiday promoting satanism, witchcraft, sugary gluttony, and terror.

It is my opinion that Halloween has become a very dangerous holiday for the soul of man.


You may have a saint party. Have everyone dress up as their favorite saint. Exchange holy cards, eat food, sing, pray, and have fun.


Don’t let a few scaremongers ruin the holiday for you or your children.

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I have happy memories of Halloween Trick or Treating, with my sisters. In the 1960’s, it was innocent fun for the kids. We were even allowed to wear our costumes to school, if Halloween fell on a school day.

I can’t believe what Halloween has degenerated into the past few years. I’m shocked and sickened by all the gore and occult images, that are now associated with Halloween. We were in WalMart one day, last week… and they were stocking their Halloween merchandise. You see nothing but blood and guts and loose eyeballs. Instruments of violence, such as axes. Fake blood, Etc. It is sick. :nope:

Having said that… if I had young kids, I would still let them go Trick or Treating… WITH parental presence. Take them early, and get off the street before all the weirdo’s come out. Get rid of the blood and gore, the witches and occult things. And make the emphasis more on All Saints… as another poster suggested.

Carve a pumpkin, with a HAPPY face. Not an evil face. And don’t worry about the black cats. That’s just silly superstition.

My :twocents: God bless.


what also makes me sad is that among people my age (early 20s), Halloween is an excuse to go clubbing and get really drunk



Society’s take on everything is dangerous to the soul of man. :shrug:

My five-year-old son and I have already started working on this year’s Halloween costume. He wants to dress up as Sir Peter (after he’s knighted, but before his coronation as high king) from the Chronicles of Narnia. He has told me time and again that he wants to be a knight for God, and this Halloween is giving him an opportunity to dress the part, and to emulate a very good literary character.

Because I control, to the extent possible, what my son is exposed to in the first place, including Halloween offerings in the stores, this day is no more dangerous to my son than reading the Chronicles of Narnia to him at bedtime. As he matures and is exposed to more, we’ll deepen the conversation and explore our observance, or lack thereof, of the day.



The same goes for St. Patrick’s day.

He drove the snacks away, he didn’t let them stay.


It is possible to have a Halloween celebration without blood and gore or axes sticking out of someone’s head… It is also possible to do so without turning into some sort of all saints day too. (That should be a separate celebration anyway!)

We have had a couple of quite nice Halloween parties that did not involve witchcraft, “gore,” satanism or any of the other objections that people will come up with. We did have orange or lights or candles, pumpkins and black cats, spider webs, costumes and of course lots of food and candy!

We do not have a celebration because someone has turned what was once an innocent day of trick or treating and costume wearing into a celebration of all that is evil and wrong in the world. We have it in spite of what it has become to others. :thumbsup:


that’s a great idea for your son to dress up as Peter :smiley:

and that way, Halloween is just a fun dress-up day :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


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