With just a few weeks to go, Mr. Trump is going to take office in a historically weak position

With just a few weeks to go, Mr. Trump is going to take office in a historically weak position, according to poll cbsn.ws/2iKHvOu

Got one word for the veracity of polls and public opinion,

Libya :mad:

Seems like the press is desperate to try to undermine the Trump presidency before it begins. He’s got both houses of Congress and won over 300 electoral vote.

Citing fickle opinion polls will not change that, and at this point just seems whiny on their part.

Trump has got the Presidency, just barely. The Republican Party, not Trump, has both houses of Congress. Trump enjoys less support from that party than any president in modern history. There are lots of reasons to think Trump is going in to his presidency with historically low support. The survey just confirms the obvious.

All the same, there are some things Repubs in congress won’t dare oppose if Trump proposes them.

Trump will be one of the greatest President ever, just watch

I hope Trump has a successful Presidency. Though, frankly, I am more concerned with the success of the House and Senate. If Ryan and McConnell can work cohesively and prioritize certain goals we’ll be in good shape, IMO. They need to be the rudder of this ship.

I have full confidence in your statement.

I hope so. I did not vote for him but I was just relieved that he won instead of Hilary.

I really hope so.

This country needs a great leader.

Praying for him.


This is true,however the way the liberal media operates,perception is reality:rolleyes:

I would rather have a weak trump than a strong Clinton. I am not sure we should be surprised about Trump’s weakness, he clearly was the lesser evil candidate. There was no real positive reason to support him. His best virtue was that he wasn’t Hillary.

It is no secret that, for the most part, the mainstream media has a liberal bias and is now nearly desperate in its attempt to undermine Trump. The question is why? This would not seem like a strategy beneficial to the democrat party since the bias of the liberal media is known to have alienated many voters during the pre-election period.

This is the crux of the reason Trump won.His victory was more a vote against Hillary and that includes Dems who voted for him as well.Having said that,he brings a lot of positive attributes to the table and outside of his childish comments(which BTY we endured with Obama as well) I think he will suprise his naysayers and end up being a fine and effectivevPOTUS:thumbsup:

In my opinion, this is not a credible news source given the recent past events.
If the man were historically weak, he would be sitting at home eating popcorn watching Hillary swear in.


I’m not sure the headline matches the story. Are “low confidence” and “weak position” synonymous? I don’t think so.

One could argue that Trump is starting from a stronger position than Obama currently holds just by virtue of the fact that the GOP has both houses. He (at least ostensibly) has less obstacles from the legislative branch to overcome in moving along his agenda.

The poll results don’t really seem too surprising to me. What difference that confidence level makes to Trump’s ability to get things done remains to be seen, I suppose.

The bias of the liberal media may have alienated a few voters, mainly older ones who recall the media is supposed to be objective. The younger voters grew up with the extreme liberal media, so they take that as normal. They often went to college where everything reflects the secular Left. Things that ought to alienate them, don’t. They didn’t have the grounding in the ideal of objectivity in their textbooks, lectures, etc.

it’s because they (and most the Democratic staffers) do not understand the Religious voters.

Religious people (including Catholics) voted Trump in to protect us against Hillary.

Very few in the media are discussing the fact that the Catholic vote most likely put Trump ahead in all the swing states he won.

I recently read an article in “The Atlantic” called “Democrats have a religion problem”… very interesting


Well, I went to college forty-five years ago. About a decade ago, I enrolled in a single course (an English course) at the local campus of the college I graduated from those many years ago. It was a shocker, the lectures more a strident rant of political correctness than those of an actual course on contemporary literature. What was only worse was that the young students appeared oblivious to the fact that they were being subjected to what amounted to propaganda. The difference between then and now was mind boggling. (I was so appalled I went to the registrar’s office and changed my enrollment status for the course to “Audit Only” because I knew I could not remain silent for an entire semester (and I didn’t need the credit hours anyway). It was interesting but one wonders of the ability of the younger generation to objectively understand and evaluate domestic and world affairs and to vote accordingly.

So…yes, I fully agree with your comment.

It should be no surprise that those opposed to Trump would be the most anxious to bring out info that puts him in a poor light. However, if there were no info that puts him in a poor light, they would not have anything to bring out.

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