With Mary, Every Year is a "Year of Faith"

Dear All,

This morning, I sent this announcement for our Parish bulletin:

Year of Faith Ends – Nov . 24 – What about our Faith???

The Year of Faith, officially ends on the Feast of Christ the King, Nov . 24, 2013. Hopefully, we have been thinking about, and praying to grow in, our faith since Pope Emeritus (Pope Benedict) proclaimed the Year of Faith, last October. Pope Francis has continued to call us all to grow in faith, hope and above all, charity. By God’s Grace have we grown in faith? Will we continue?

The Statue of Our Lady, with the title “Mother of Faith” has been in the Narthex (foyer of our Church) with a poster to remind us. The Legion of Mary has periodically changed pictures and words on the poster, with ways to grow in Faith this year. Hopefully, many of us have read, prayed, and responded with changes in our lives leading us to a closer, more intimate communion with Christ.

That is Mary’s vocation: to bring Jesus to us and to bring us closer to Him. She has asked us to pray the Rosary, knowing that by God’s Grace, if we prayerfully meditate on those Mysteries of His Life and hers, if we keep our eyes on Jesus, we will grow more like Him, as Mary did.

Jesus, we trust in You!
Mary, Mother of Faith, Mother of the Church, pray for us.

Really, every day, every hour, every minute of every year of our lives can be a “Year of Faith” and indeed needs to be, if we are serious about following Jesus as Mary did on this earth! Let us examine ourselves as we approach the end of this “official call for a Year of Faith”. Have we truly grown? How? If not, why not? Let us begin today, asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten our minds and strengthen our wills to follow Jesus and to draw others to follow Him. Our Faith is intended to grow and be shared. We received Jesus as Mary – not to keep Him only for ourselves but to share Him with the world. Come Holy Spirit! Guide us into the fullness of our vocation to holiness and to make disciples as Jesus commanded.

Yes, 2013 is the year I made up my mind about becoming Catholic so I Guess that qualifies as growing in faith:)

Once again a very good thread MariaChristi:)

God Bless!


Ah, what grace you are receiving! Thanks so much for your reply to this thread and most of all for your “Yes” to God’s call into the Catholic Church. Like Mary you have given Him your “Yes” in faith believing in His Love. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and you will see His Love for you and all God’s children, even as Mary looked on His Face while on earth and looks on His Resurrected and Glorious Beatific Vision now.

There may be times when He seems to almost “disappear” as the Sun when it goes behind a cloud, but we know by faith, He does not leave any creature He made. He is near even when we cannot hear Him or see Him. Faith is such a gift! And by His Grace it continues to grow! Let us please continue to pray for one another and for all those He has given (and will give) into our care. We do not travel the “narrow way” alone, but we are helped by others and we help others, by God’s Grace along the journey of faith.

Mary, Mother of our Faith and Mother of the Church, pray for us.
St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary, Protector of the Christ Child and His Church, pray for us.
Jesus, we believe in You, we trust in You, we love You. Help us to draw others to You.

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