With sales now legal, cannabis lovers take Denver's 420 weekend to new highs



there’s a vid there of Jesus smoking pot…

imagine if you tried that kind of things about any other faith or belief? You’ll never see it.

I wonder if any of them will be skipping Mass today because it’s 420? I hope not.

Like Mohammed?

:eek: oh no… We mustn’t! :eek:

Pot causes brain damage; I don’t think we need much more evidence of that. This is just natural selection in action. Kind of like driving and texting. No worries.

Like totally man… Totally.

Somebody will have to answer to Jesus for that someday. Prayers. We only think we get by with stuff. God Bless. Memaw

This is a mistake.

I ask this out of genuine curiosity and not to be contentious. I think it’s a fair bet that Jesus drank wine. Conceptually would marijuana be worse than alcohol?

Wine in moderation doesn’t have the same mind altering effect of cannabis.
I know many disagree with that, yet I’ve seen even mild “tokers” wasted on just a few hits.

America will rue the day it legalised pot. These States are just the thin edge of the wedge where mind altering palliatives will be the main solace against an increasingly unacceptable reality. I remember stories of some of our Australian soldiers returning from Vietnam speaking of their American comrades bombed out of their brains on pot with radios blaring out music trecking through a jungle where silence was what these SAS men relied upon for their mission.
Driving is going to be more dangerous in these States all for the right to diminish your personal perception of reality.
Society that is sinking into the insane. Life is more than a Giggle.

Drugs have always been about escaping reality. It’s just so strange to have the government sanctioning it and making money off it courtesy of the popular vote of the people. It’s like we are all sort of tacitly agreeing as a culture to commit suicide. Man without God is not pretty stuff … :o

I was downtown on the evening of 4/19, for Easter Vigil. We walked around a bit beforehand; and there were police everywhere, concerned largely about gang violence I believe. There were also police in the Cathedral, and during Mass some poor soul wandered in. I don’t know if he wasn’t right in the head, or if there was some substance involved, but he fell down, started to make a move towards the priests, and was escorted out. (Regardless, made me sad.) This morning I saw on the news that they issued over 120 citations.

Now that it’s being taxed, it will be very difficult to remove from the system because it helps provide money, right?

I think its short-sighted to argue that this will help cut down on drug-trade. And even if it does, it will introduce its own set of problems. Again, why argue that because alcohol causes problems, we should allow yet another substance that causes problems? That’s not the most persuasive tactic. I certainly don’t see it helping the homeless population.

And yet, Jesus never took drugs :wink:

True, he never played baseball, either…

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