With Senate majority intact, Trump will keep loading federal courts with

  • Now, unleashed by a decisive Republican victory in the Senate in Tuesday’s midterm elections, the president’s ability to shape the ideological makeup of the federal judiciary has only increased.


Well, that’s the system, isn’t it? The Founders lumbered the United States with a political judiciary. It’s a bit late to complain.


Who’s complaining?


The report you quote doesn’t ring with happiness about the situation.


You see a media bias? Interesting. So many here on CAF will fight tooth nail to deny any MSM bias.


No I don’t.


Please explain this in greater detail please:

It sure looks like you saw CNBC’s displeasure with Republican control of the senate and priveledges that come with it.


It certainly isn’t me complaining:


Seemed to me the article was saying that a President whose actions have on more than one occasions fallen foul of the law may be more able to affect future decisions on the legality of his actions by his power to appoint to the Bench, given a Senate with an increased conservative majority. I sensed some unease in this reporting, and I hope I did: one would not have to be biased to feel some unease in such a situation, But, as I say, that’s what the Constitution has blessed you with.


I think the term you used was “lumbered “.




It was. “Blessed” was irony, as I suppose you will have detected.


Again you admit the bias in the reporting.


No I don’t. It seems to me, from my limited knowledge, factual and free from bias.



Reporters have to report on many things (factually and free of bias) that cause unease. Indeed they have to report factually and free of bias on things that make them sick, fearful, disgusted, tearful.


I’ll be glad when I see that they have reported on things factually and free of bias. I am not holding my breath.


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