With Talk of Including Gays, Catholic School in Harvard Steps Out of Boston's St. Pat's Parade


see www.lowellsun.com/entertainment/ci_25270047/talk-including-gays-catholic-school-harvard-stays-out


Good for them for standing up for the Truth of God. :clapping::clapping:


:thumbsup: Thank God! Kudos to them!


It figures that they’d through a tantrum and leave just because of whom else is marching.


If any tantrums have been or are being thrown, it doesn’t appear that the school is throwing any. In the end, I don’t see how anyone’s sexual tendencies or lifestyle has anything at all to do with Saint Patrick or anything held in his honor.


it’s just a parade, they have as much a right to march in it as anyone else


Great! So they can leave their sexuality at home, right?


Sure. As long as you leave your religion there as well.


At a SAINT Patrick Day Parade???:shrug:


I imagine that for most it’s just a day to drink green beer.


Of course they do and any homosexual would obviously be welcome to participate and there is no harm in them doing so, but to fly a banner in support of what LGBT advocates is something very different, we are no longer talking about homosexuals here, we are talking about the advocacy of the sexual acts of homosexuality and same sex marriage.

It’s got nothing to do with homosexuals, it’s got to do with what they are advocating.

A classic example is the “Health Care” banner, they obfuscate the fact that they include support for ‘abortion’ under their ‘health care’ banner and than say “Oh, how terrible that they are against health care.” or “We are the innocent victims and these people are simply opposing health care.” When we do not oppose health care at all, we oppose abortion, which goes against everything ‘health care’ should stand for.

How naive do people think we are?

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In reversal, Harvard parochial school is back in Boston parade

*Brother Thomas Dalton said Tuesday he was very happy to reverse his decision and allow Immaculate Heart of Mary School students to march in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade after learning a gay rights group would not be participating.

Just the day before, Brother Dalton, principal of the Catholic school, said students would not march because parade organizers had said the gay rights group MassEquality would participate.

But the parade organizer, South Boston Allied War Veterans, notified Immaculate Heart Tuesday morning it had rejected MassEquality’s application, citing “false pretenses.”*


I imagine for a very small number of people it is just another opportunity to infiltrate every aspect of culture leaving nothing unscathed, unsoiled or sacred to anyone.


Yeah but what can you do? Its not like you can stop people from being christian.


I would hope you realize bait and hook tactics are very apparent, but I have to wonder.:shrug:

But, you are correct. You can’t stop Christianity. What can one do? Stop trying. I think that is the best approach. For instance, leaving St Patricks Day Parade alone would a good start.


Blitzwing, firstly, Id like to welcome you to CAF and thank you for your discourse with us. :thumbsup:

I’m afraid you have many misconceptions about us. So I think, before we can reach any understanding, we should first talk about our motives.

May I ask why you believe they refused to march in a parade with a LGBT group?

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Because they have a problem with the city allowing a homosexual advocacy group marching.


What do you believe they are advocating that is making the Christian community so upset?

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I just think it’s silly to drop out of the parade, wasting the efforts of the school band and the students that made the float all because you have an issue with one of the groups participating.


I know this is an extreme example, but would you drop out of a parade that accepted a "Third Reich group that held banners saying ‘Hail Hitler’? or a KKK group?

Do you believe it would be silly to drop out of such a parade because the organizers included these groups that you have issues with? If you were the principal/teacher in the school is that something you would want your students to be a part of?

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