Withholding mortal sins in Confession


A long time ago I went to confession. I confessed a mortal sin, but there was an aspect to the mortal sin that makes it far worse. It’s probably two mortal sins. But when I went to confession I confessed the one aspect to my sin but withheld the other aspect out of embarrassment. Shortly after I mustered up the courage to just get it over with and go to confession again, I told the priest that I had previously went to confession for this mortal sin but purposely left a huge part of it out, and so I reconfessed the sin and I told him the other part that makes it even more terrible. BUT, when I went to confession the second time I didn’t tell him that I PURPOSELY left out the second part. I did not confess my sacreligious confession.

Both of these confessions were like a year ago, and I don’t think I purposely intended to leave out the sacreligious confession issue, I was really nervous because what I did is really bad and so what I said to the priest I said "I went to confession a while ago and confessed this but I forgot to add that … ". So… Because this was a year ago and it’s hard to remember my exact intentions, I’m just feeling like…have I been in the state of mortal sin for an entire year??? I know I didn’t neglect to confess my sacrelige totally on purpose because I went to confession for the second time to spill ALL the beans in order to set everything straight. I was just really really nervous. But I’m freaking out. Should I go and confess all three mortal sins AGAIN?

I’m not normally a scrupulous person. At all. In fact I have the opposite problem. But this is mortal sin and I’m afraid I’m going to go to hell. I do love God now and by His grace am a much better Catholic than before but I feel I really messed this one up.

So, if people aren’t really understanding what I did I’ll make an example but none of these sins are what I did. It’s just an example.

Say, I murdered my mother. I went to confession and confessed murder, but didn’t tell the priest that not only did I break the commandment thou shalt not kill, but I also broke the commandment that says honour thy father and thy mother. Out of fear I did not confess dishonouring my mother.

Then, wanting to make this sacreligious confession right, I went back to confession and told the priest I’d already confessed killing, but “I forgot to say that” I killed my mother. During this confession I did not confess making a sacreligious confession. However, I was very nervous and didn’t do it out of pure fear or malice or something.

So, should I go back and confess all three sins all over again?

For the record, the priest was extremely compassionate. Thank the Lord for such holy priests.


I would just go and do a general confession and put my mind at ease. Perhaps consider doing a plenary indulgence as well.


You should talk to your priest.

All we can say is that objectively anyone who deliberately withholds confessing a mortal sin at Confession is not absolved. Even if that person can fool the priest and the priest gives absolution they cannot fool God. Such a Confession and absolution is completely invalid even for mortal sins confessed.
What I mean by that, for example, is if such a person has committed three mortal sins but confesses two and deliberately withholds one and the priest gives absolution the entire Confession and absolution is invalid. It is not the case that person is absolved from the two sins confessed.


I can’t talk to a priest about this!!! I had a hard enough time going to confession do you think I’m going to be able to waltz into some guys office and be open about this? No. Aren’t there priests on here?

And I don’t understand, if I’ve been in the state of mortal sin for an entire year then how have I been growing in my faith? I’ve been discerning a vocation!!! Is all this growth, all this discernment, a lie?! I feel like people who are living in the state of mortal sin should be able to feel it, to really know it. You know?

UUUggghhhh Lord help me!


You need to talk with a Priest -* in confession* -under the seal of confession…

One need not go to a Priest who knows you -and one need not go “face to face” -find a confessional.


Your intention was to correct the previous confession and you did your best to express it. That is enough, you don’t have to obsess over this.


No the growth is not a lie…

It can be that you were “in good faith” that you honestly believed at the time that you had done what needed to be done - and that thus there was a valid confession (the Confessor can help determine such).

Even if such is the case - bring the matter to confession - explaining briefly what happened. He can guide you.

In any case -one need not go to a Priest who knows you and one may confess in a confessional behind a screen.


It “may” be the case that one need not get then into those particular sins but into fact of the original potential bad confession. The Priest can guide you.


Easily solved!

Find a priest who will meet with you one on one. Go to a monastry, or email a priest not local.

Then, no queue, no one can eavesdrop, write down what your going to say, no.hurry,
TEll him beforehand, this sin is grave, and i find it.hard to say.
Then read it out. If you find it difficult, just reword it so it doesnt sound so gory.
An older priest is usually better because they will have heard EVERYTHING before.

You cannot get into heaven with unconfessed mortal sin.


I agree with Lady Servant on this. Set up an appointment with a priest. It could even be your own priest. He will not blab about it later. You don’t need to say why you want the appointment, that will come up when you get there. And it will be behind closed door. Nobody will hear you unless you get loud about it. And know that God loves you and wants the best for you.


Google monasteries near you.
Go to one someday and ask can you have a private confession with a priest. Go for a walk outside if there are people And you could even say the confession in your car.

I found a monastery 23mins from work, that no one visits. I drove there.
No visitors was there at all.

I rang the bell for confession. Spent 20mins with the priest who did not judge me once, wasnt the least embarressed,listened without blinking an eyelid. And absolved me. Priests have heard EVERYTHING before. A young and old priest I’ve heard saying that they both have heard everything. Except cannibalism. The worse your confession, the more happy they are that you are being so honest, and.That they are bringing such a lost sheep back to the True Sheepfold. They are fishers of men, they like to catch BIG SINNERS for God. That gives them the greatest joy. The worse the sinner and the worse the sins means they are gaining back a trully lost soul for God. Saving souls of the greatest sinners gives them joy.

There was NO ONE there,so i had no fear of being overheard and could take me time.


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