Within Temptation

Are a Dutch band. Has anyone heard of them? My dh is not sure whether they are ok or not lyrics/morals etc wise.

I listen to them. I haven’t heard every song they sing, but Ithe ones I have heard aren’t bad lyrical wise (somewhere, swan song, angels). The singers voice is just amazing.
Sure they are a bit goth, but I know a lot of goth people who are actually devout christian. I used to be borderline goth, but just because I dressed or looked funny didn’t mean my faith was in question. I was already thinking about religious life.

It seems that Sharon Del Adel, the lead singer, is Catholic.



However, she does not appear to be practicing, given that she’s had three children out of wedlock with the band’s guitarist: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharon_den_Adel

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