Without appealing to religion, what makes heterosexual relationships natural?

What makes heterosexual relationships natural?

  1. Just because most animals participate in heterosexual acts doesn’t imply humans should too. Those same animals might eat their young!
  2. What if natural is interpreted as what each person is naturally inclined too?
  3. What makes incest or bestiality wrong?
  4. What gives heterosexual relationships this special status?
    Is it possible to answer these questions without appealing to God or the Bible?


The fact is that homosexuality can be found to some extent in most species of animals. But it is inappropriate to base human behavior on lower animal forms as your statement demonstrates.

From a purely natural stand point, the human male and female sex organs are complementary and designed to function with each other—not with some other part of the human anatomy. They are not designed for use with other species and are genetically incompatible with them.

Incest is naturally problematic because it can result in abnormalities in offspring because the blood lines are too close.

Heterosexual relationships alone express a complete continuity between the human body and its sexual expression. Attempts at sexual intercourse outside of the heterosexual model can only be at best, an accommodation.

Incidentally, I never ever thought that I would have to defend heterosexuality as being natural. Never did I think that our culture would be so off balance!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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