Without the Rapture, what is Revelation about?.

First of all what does the book of Revelation (or the Apocolypse) really say if it is not talking about the rapture? Since the rapture is not part of the Catholic (and even Anglicans, Lutherans, and Eastern Orthodox Christians) faith. I was raised as a non-denominational protestant who was brought up believing in the rapture and I am rather confused about this since I am (strongly) considering converting to Catholicism. Somehow, I just feel that the Catholic Church is right. Also, I have read Catholicism for Dummies and The Salvation Controversy. I loved both of the books and want to read and learn more about Catholicism yet I still do not know how to go about initiating the process of becoming Catholic or contacting a parish/priest. I know that there are RCIA classes for those who were raised Christian but not Catholic. I need real advice. Please help.

Dear Blue,

Here is a good intro into the Catholic Church’s view of the Book of Revelation:



As for initiating the process of becoming a Catholic, look up the phone number for the Catholic diocese in which you live and then phone to learn where your local Catholic Church is located. Then phone that parish and tell them of your interest in becoming a Catholic. If you should have any difficulty in all this, let us know and we will help you. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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