Without using Scripture, what is necessary for salvation in your own words?


Without quoting the Bible, Writings of the ECF, or Magisterium of the Church, what is necessary for salvation of man? Use your own words, please. :smiley: :thumbsup:


Believe and confess your faith in Jesus
Be baptized, or have desired it.
Do what Christ and his Apostles taught.


How about repent and be baptized? :thumbsup:


Repentance, Baptism, and Good Works…Of course, all of this follows faith in Christ. There are exceptions, of course…:slight_smile:

Prayers and petitions,


God has to decide if He wants you for company for the rest of eternity.

So, I guess it’s my job (and yours) to attempt to persuade Him, that I (and you) am (are) ok.

I told Him that I would be more than happy to sweep floors and clean windows in Heaven for all of eternity.]

I have no interest in playing golf in Heaven for all of eternity. No interest in crashing the guest list for a Divine foursome.]


(1.) Recognition that I am a hopeless sinner.

(2.) Realization that I need a Saviour and that my accepting of Jesus Christ’s attoning death in my place for my sin (Sin includes both my sins and the sin nature in me.) saves me as the only way from eternal damnation (God’s wrath) and allows me to abide forever as a child of God in Christ.

(3.) What follows the above requirements will be the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit (born-again spiritual baptism), which enables me to turn away (repent) from my sin and obey God by doing whatever is God’s will for my life (good works of God, sanctification, etc.)

Number (3.) is the effect of (1.) and (2.) and can never be done perfectly because we will always have the inherited sin-nature to contend with until we die.

(1.) and (2.) are absolutely necessary for God’s unmerited gift of Salvation.


Admit and confess to Lord of all your sins and that you need him to help you. Clear away from doing things that are not correct and be humble and to love others just like God love us. It is all about we being good as a living soul on earth


Not a direct quote from Scripture, but Jesus said “Not all who cry Lord! Lord! will be saved” therefore one can’t just have a hollow declaration of faith (for we know faith without works is dead)


All you need is love.


Follow Jesus, the Christ.




I mimic you.:thumbsup:


:slight_smile: Hear the word of God by listening or reading and are quickened by the Holy Spirit or enlightened of your need of Him.

:slight_smile: You have to own up to your sin, confess

:slight_smile: Receive forgiveness, act of contrition

:slight_smile: Praise and thank God for His loving kindness and grace

:slight_smile: Say prayers neccessary

:slight_smile: Receive Absolution

:slight_smile: Pray more outside of confessional and be happy

:thumbsup: Very happy experience dessert


Perseverance in faith, hope and love.


Yes! Jesus said that we must have the “love of God” in us.
This love will show itself as our love towards God and towards our fellow man. One can not be saved without this love.


God’s Grace

  1. Repent

  2. Be baptised (if not already)

  3. Confess our sins

  4. Deny ourselves and take up our cross (daily)

  5. Pray (daily) for the Will of God and for the necessary graces to fulfill it.

  6. Do all things with love.

PS: Study of the Saints assist us with their example.


Amen brkn1. :thumbsup:

Love he has left with us; his love he has given us. He did not give love to us as the world gives love. God is love and he has freely and eternally given of his own loving essense for our sake.

Our many sins have been forgiven—for we have been loved much. Indeed, God’s love lives within us and no one can live without God’s love. Without God’s love we are as good as dead because our souls have died. And with God’s love indwelling us we shall rise from the dead. Indeed, we will never die.

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Rage against the dying of the light by loving the Lord God with all your God-given might.


GREAT news, Golf in heaven,will I be able to break par ?


You just quoted the words of Peter in Acts 2:38, I believe. I thought you couldn’t use scripture? :slight_smile:


How about: Christ ? This upholds all else, because a salvation of which He is not the Cause in every aspect cannot be.

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