Witness to Non-Catholic Baptism?


I’ve been asked about being a God-parent/Sponsor to a child at a Lutheran Baptism.

I already know being Catholic, I cannot be the child’s God-parent/sponsor, but I can be a “witness”.

I already know that it would be okay for me to attend the baptism and to be a “witness” via my attendance.

I’ve already have explained to the parents that I cannot be a Godparent/sponsor. I told them that I can be a “witness” to the baptism. However, I’m unsure what that means :o (Luckily for me they haven’t asked yet what that means…So I got time to post and hopefully get some help)

I know that I’m a “witness” just by my attendance (i.e. just being there)

However can I do more?
Thanks for the help!


Have you asked your priest about it? He can direct you better than we in this matter. :slight_smile:


No not yet, Della.

This all has taken place within the last hour. (So I haven’t had time to ask Father… I will though :))

In the mean time I was hoping to get some “ideas” on what it means to be a “witness” to an Non-Catholic baptism.

Like I said I know that going is NOT an issue. Lutheran baptisms are valid baptisms.

So long as the baptism is performed with the proper matter (water), form (“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”) and intention (to baptize), the Church recognizes the validity of non-Catholic Christian baptisms. Since these baptisms are valid, it is fine to attend the baptism of a non-Catholic Christian.

Source: forums.catholic.com/showpost.php?p=723968&postcount=2

I know that I can NOT be a Godparent/sponsor. I already told them that…

I’ve read many articles and things that say Catholic cannot be Godparents/Sponsors to a Non-Catholic baptism. However Catholic’s can be “witnesses” to a Non-Catholic baptism.

I’m just unsure on what that means???

Is it similar to Non-Catholic being a “witness” at a Catholic Baptism?


Yes you can be a witness along with a Lutheran Godparent/Sponsor. Your responsibility is to attest to the fact that the child was Baptized.


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