Witnessing for Life


My husband and I are members of the Respect Life Committee in our parish. To help raise funds for the bus to the March for Life in Washington, DC, we spent Saturday at our local ACME witnessing for life.

To say “Thanks” to all those who contributed we had small tokens of appreciation. These included pens with the message “Life-What a Wonderful Choice”, “Choose Life” ribbons and lollypops for the kids. The most popular item though were the rolls of Life Savers. We covered the candy with either a pink or blue wrapper. The message on each stated “You’re a LIFE SAVER!” along with some info about the March for Life to Washington, DC. Those who contributed frequently gave us a big smile when they were told that they were a LIFE SAVER!!

We spent 6 hours in the ACME lobby and came home hoarse and smelling like rotisserie chicken!! The folks were met were wonderful—one lady I didn’t even know gave me a hug thanking me for what we were doing. Only ONE woman made a negative comment about our anti-abortion message.

Don’t hesitate to take the culture of life message out into your community. Doing God’s work, even in the ACME lobby, is a blessing!!!

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Micki & Bill

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What’s ACME? :o


[quote=AlanFromWichita]What’s ACME? :o

Yes inquiring minds want to know! Bless you for the work you are doing and thank you for the post. It was very uplifting.

Lisa N


Acme is a grocery store in PA and NJ, out on the east coast. :slight_smile:

I used to live in Kansas, so I know we don’t have them out there!

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