Wives, what do you do for your husbands to make them excited to come home after work?


Ok, I don’t have any trouble getting my hubby to come home from work or anything, but I was kind of thinking that when I’m off and he’s working, I should do some little things to make him excited about comming home. I know he’s looking forward to seeing me and having supper, but I worry that after a few years, it may get a little…boring. We are both pretty layd back and don’t require a lot of frills and thrills, but still, it might be nice to do some neat things for him every now and then. to surprise him and keep him guessing.

what sorts of things do you ladies do? do you make special dinners? get candles? wear something different? Make yourself all pretty?

I’m just scouting for maybe a couple of simple ideas to put a big smile on my husband’s face when he comes in from a long hard day of work.


Make dinner…and say goodnight to him as he falls asleep.


Well, sometimes my husband gets home before I do!!! We try to both be considerate about getting supper started, putting a load of laundry in, getting the kids started on their homework. The best gift we can give each other is this- no matter how rough a day we’ve had, we try to leave it behind and present each other with our calmest, most pleasant demeanor!

It makes a huge difference. We used to come home in a bad mood often, and snipe at each other, and feel resentful because each of us thought we did more housework than the other.

Then we went on an ACTS retreat through our church and it changed our lives completely. We spend our day aware that Christ is with us, and even if it’s a bad day, we remember that we love the people at home and that we really want to show them that love, and instead of worrying about whether the other person is meeting OUR needs, we think about meeting each OTHER’s needs. I can’t tell you how it’s changed our lives. After 22 years of marriage! We’re in love all over again and possessed of a peace that we’ve never before experienced.


hand him the remote

do you ladies notice our discussions and topics here change somewhat on Sunday afternoon while football is on?


Hide behind a couch with the lights off and upon his entering, jump out from behind the couch and yell “BOO!”

That’ll scare his tie off!

I realize this has been no help. I’m sorry.

I’m not a husband, so I can’t really offer you any ideas of originality. I’d make a horrible wife! I’d personally love a kiss and a “welcome home, I missed you”. Even if you didn’t really miss him. haha

Perhaps a prayer from my end would provide you with some inspiration via actual grace.





I usually look up from the computer when I hear the garage door open and close a Catholic Answers Forums thread.:smiley:

Dinner’s usually cooking and almost ready, (roast and veggies in the oven as I type this.) When I’m being a better wife, I tidy up the house right before he gets home and get the kids to put away their stuff. If we tidy earlier, its messy again unless I make the children stay outside. I also like to freshen up a bit. Last week the thought occured to me to bring him a glass of wine–he just about fell over in surprise! I guess I hadn’t done that in a long time.


My husband works from home for 2/3 of the time and I go out to work at the school with the grandkids. He’s not big on surprises, but sometimmes he will make sure the dishes have been done (we have those manual dishwashers that hang off our wrists), and sometimes he will have the girls’ snack ready.


I do recall some hysterical letters to Ann Landers when this topic was discussed in her column, along the lines of greeting your DH scantily clad but being surprised by the UPS guy. the one I remember is the lady who planned to whip off her negligee when DH walked in the door. she went downstairs to get it, but noticed a leak in the water pipe. Not wanting to ruin her hair, which had been especially set for the special night, she donned her son’s football helmet. of course she took off the nice robe so it did not get wet while she struggled with a wrench and duck tape. the utility guy came downstairs in the mean time and surprised her. His comment: lady, I hope your team wins.


oh my goodness! I am CRACKING up!!! oh man, that’s the sorda thing that would happen to me! oh I’ve got tears in my eyes. too funny!


What really matters to him?

While* I* might think it’s nice to dress up nice & smell nice & have the house in shape, those aren’t the things he would truly appreciate. (I’m sure he’d miss them if I stopped, but we’re talking about positive reinforcement, here!)

It is my understanding that nothing says “I love you honey–welcome home” to most men than a wife who’s eager to make love to them as soon as possible upon their arrival home.

Sometimes a distant second is a full-body massage, or a foot-rub.

Sometimes a few hidden “head’s up–here’s what I have planned for you” notes placed strategically where he will find them during his workday are fun! :wink:


Heh ! I’d love for my wife to do that !

I would be nice to see my wife greet me with a sense of good wholesome playfulness !

I really like it the few times I come home and some good music is playing.

It would be nice if my wife played my favorite music just as I came in the door. And she was there playing Air Guitar and asking me to dance with her !

Woo Hoo — I’d love to come home to a party !!



Wow, we have the same kind! :rotfl:

Sometimes I have one of his favorite card or board games set up on the table with our dinner. We’re both really playful and love games, and after sitting in front of a computer all day, he’s usually ready for something fun to help him get into the relaxing home-mood. What about renting one of his favorite movies that he hasn’t seen in a long time?

Sue, you’re so sweet to be scouting around for your hubby! He’s one lucky guy!


While* I* might think it’s nice to dress up nice & smell nice & have the house in shape, those aren’t the things he would truly appreciate. (I’m sure he’d miss them if I stopped, but we’re talking about positive reinforcement, here!)

Yeah, nothing can defeat the purpose better than to over exert yourself so that you’re exhausted and cranky, but the house is clean?!

Most of us would have to consider it good if a wife did anything out of her way to make us feel loved. The fact that you tossed in his clothes while you were washing your own might not be “out of your way”.

A clean house? Do you gals get all warm and woozy if your husband comes home with a clean car?


I don’t care about the car, but my husband cares about the house. I don’t mean exhausting myself cleaning; I mean spending about 10 minutes getting children’s toys off the floor so he doesn’t trip when he walks in the door. (Nothing says “welcome home” like stepping barefoot on a lego.) Maybe my husband is different from others, but he works hard to provide us with a nice home, and he likes it tidy. As far as the heavy duty, exhaustive cleaning, he doesn’t notice that unless I do while he’s home.

[quote=StephanieC]While* I* might think it’s nice to dress up nice & smell nice & have the house in shape, those aren’t the things he would truly appreciate.

To put this in perspective, I didn’t mean spending hours primping on my hair and makeup. I meant making sure I look reasonably presentable and that I’m not covered in baby spit-up. While my husband’s a great guy, he’s still a guy, and I think most guys would rather come home to an attractive wife rather than a wife who doesn’t care about her appearance.


You’re kidding, right? What do I do to make him exited to come home from work??? Please.

In the first place, I work, he doesn’t. In the second place, if he needs excitement, he should go to Six Flags, this isn’t a theme park or anything. In the third place, he doesn’t want excitement, he wants peace and quiet and so do I. In the fourth place, if he doesn’t like it the way it is, why do I want him around anyway? Like I am here to please him and make him happy. NOT. If I was panting around like a puppydog trying to please him, he’d hate it. Sheesh.


Oh, I totally agree with you on all points! Sue had asked about “little things” to “surprise him and keep him guessing” so I was thinking more outside of the everyday things we do to show our appreciation, and more along the lines of “what would be fun for him?”
(For what it’s worth, today was a “hey, I brushed my teeth today…doesn’t that count?” kind of day around this house…:o )


Trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, here, with regards to your tone…but it’s still sounding awfully crabby! You didn’t mean to slam the OP, did you? Maybe re-state (& throw in some emoticoms for good measure, too!):smiley:


I was thinking the same thing exactly. I don’t mean all jump up and down excited, but just to quicken his steps to the front door.

I kind of like the card game idea. he loves poker and black jack and I think he gets bummed out that i really don’t play it much. so that’s one that I think I can use.


You know, I actually AM here to please my husband and make him happy. Among many other things.

Anyway, in regards to the OP… I’m not sure husbands thrive on romance and excitement the way women do. It may be that coming home to a tidy home, a yummy dinner, and a wife who looks like she cares about her appearance is all he needs. Beyond that, he’d probably just like to kick off his shoes and unwind.

My husband is a pretty thirsty guy when he gets home. I like to have his drink ready to hand him as soon as he walks in the door.

We have one car, so I have to pick him up from work on many days, which means that I can’t really have supper cooking in the oven. I CAN have things pre-prepped and at least tell him what I’ll be fixing once we’re home. On the drive, I’ll ask him how his day went.

It may be a matter of NOT doing things that make home unpleasant than doing exciting things that make Tuesday evening an adventure. So, having the legos off the floor, the dinner about ready, and letting him decompress until after dinner before telling him that the garage called to say the transmission will be twice what you’d expected is better for him than finding candlelight and a trail of rose petals to the bedroom.

Although, never under estimate the sex thing, either. He may appreciate a hint that you’re In The Mood for Something when the kids have gone to bed…

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