Wizards 101 game

My 10-year old daughter’s friend recently took her to a web site where she downloaded the game Wizards 101. (I thought I had download permissions deactivated but that’s another issue.) Does anyone know anything about it. I’m concerned that it might have occult overtones but don’t want to go overboard. Any help?

No I have not heard of it but will go look at it myself.

This looks fun. I see it has crude humor and fantasy violence. As far as leading to the occult with undertones unless i down load it and get into the game,I just can’t tell but the charachters look simply juvenile. I’d say it’s like playing Harry Potter games on PS2

Unless my memory is mistaken this game is advertised on the Disney channel. I know I have seen commercials for it on one of the kid’s channels. I haven’t looked at it but it says it’s rated for everyone.

Thanks to those who have replied and to anyone else who might. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty tame – a Harry Potter knock-off. And, you’re right, it’s rated E for Everyone. I just didn’t know if it starts tame, then gradually worsens. I searched the web and didn’t find any warnings.

God Bless,

Sometimes the ratings can be a little misleading as the game may not contain anything objectionable to a broad audience, but if there are occult elements which one might find troubling then the ESRB wouldn’t really rate games for that.

When I was still in school I worked at a GameStop and I remember trying out a game one time called Metal Arms which was about a robot in a post-war setting which would use some rather frank language although it was beeped out. I couldn’t believe that the game got a rather tame rating since it was almost akin to watching an episode of South Park at points.

I remember that I would often have to plead with parents at times regarding games that they might find objectionable if they actually knew what was in them. One dad was going to let his twelve year-old son get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas until myself and another guy had to flatout tell the guy that you beat up people for selling drugs on your turf and that the violence in the game isn’t just black-and-white good-guy-vs.-bad-guy stuff.

Kids hated me.:stuck_out_tongue:

The “occult” stuff in the games doesn’t really bother me though. As long as the kids have a good grounding in the Faith and realize that the game is a fantasy world then they should be find so long as the game isn’t some honest indoctrination into “real” magic (or magick as “real” practitioners assert), which I don’t really think there are since no software publishing company would make a dime off of it. I intend to let my son play fantasy-themed games with wizards and the like, but offer a simple caveat to him: “Wizards aren’t real! Magic(k) is not real! That’s how the Devil really gets people with that stuff; by convincing that it’s real so that they waste their time with it and put their faith into it.” God isn’t jealous of other gods because they’re competition; he’s jealous because they’re not real.

googles Wizards 101


Well, the graphics look quite impressive but the character design really is something you’d expect from the Disney Channel. Trust me, there’s no way you should be worrying about your kid getting into the occult with this. It looks way too kiddie! If it looked like something along the lines of Diablo III or Shin Megami Tensei, then I would understand.

However, if it’s games like this, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. :cool:

Forgive me, while I certainly wouldn’t want to dabble in demonic arts, I’ve always fantasized about using a ‘neutral’ kind of magic and our world having a more fantasy-themed bent to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t suppose God would be jealous of that now would you? :blush:

Wishing for the world to more like something out of a fantasy story isn’t quite the same as rejecting God to behave like Aleister Crowley. What kid wouldn’t want Narnia to be real?

I’m sure that you’re fine.:wink:

It looks like a vast waste of time at best… At worst?

You’d have to play it yourself for hours on hours to find out exactly how much might be wrong with it. Nevermind that children should always be supervised on the internet.

I’d give it a miss. There’re plenty of other fun things to do that don’t offer potential trouble.

I see. That’s a bit of relief. Now I can add more things to my prayers without feeling guilty. :smiley: (secretly starts praying that this world would become a Tales of-style world X3)

Do not underestimate the addictive power of online games. :wink:

I downloaded it and played it.

Well, it is titled “Wizard 101” :wink: , so know that there are spells and wizards in it, battle scenes where you inflict damage. You have to learn spells, learn how to use them and then - use them. You know, I personally have a problem with wizardry. I won’t let my kids play it. I don’t let them watch Wizards of Waverly Place either. But that’s me and my family. I would never tell you what to do with yours.

I downloaded the game because I liked the graphics and wanted to see what it was like. My oldest came to me and wondered why I was playing something that went against our family principles. I don’t play it anymore. She saw it and I guess has been conditioned over the years to reject things like that.

So, that’s all I have to say :slight_smile:


You fail. There is nothing wrong with this game. NOTHING. I am a high level and there is nothing against God in there.

Highly probable. However I’m long time gamer and even I’d have to say playing this game or not is ultimately just amusement and not worth making a big deal about. I am certainly not one for the ’ Dungeons and Dragons is wicked and uses naughty pagan names/fantasy games, literature are anti-Christian’ type of thought as it seems to be something more in keeping with fundamentalist groups than historically part of Catholicism. That said no-one ‘failts’ if they do or do not play with is esentially a game designed for momentary amusement and which will be largely forgotten in a relatively short time.

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