Wk 1 - Day 4 - "seeking true self-knowledge"


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During this week of “seeking true self-knowledge”, we need to admit: God’s thoughts are above our thoughts. We are so prone to defend ourselves and to excuse ourselves, that St. Louis de Montfort, was given God’s Grace to “see” by faith, and to write God’s Truth to help us. Again let us listen with the “ears of our hearts” to paragraphs in Chapter 2:

  1. To rid ourselves of selfishness, we must first become thoroughly aware, by the light of the Holy Spirit, of our tainted nature. Of ourselves we are unable to do anything conducive to our salvation. Our human weakness is evident in everything we do and we are habitually unreliable. We do not deserve any grace from God. Our tendency to sin is always present. The sin of Adam has almost entirely spoiled and soured us, filling us with pride and corrupting every one of us, just as leaven sours, swells and corrupts the dough in which it is placed. The actual sins we have committed, whether mortal or venial, even though forgiven, have intensified our base desires, our weakness, our inconstancy and our evil tendencies, and have left a sediment of evil in our soul…

… Pride and blindness of spirit, hardness of heart, weakness and inconstancy of soul, evil inclinations, rebellious passions, ailments of the body, - these are all we can call our own. By nature we are prouder than peacocks, we cling to the earth more than toads, we are more base than goats, more envious than serpents, greedier than pigs, fiercer than tigers, lazier than tortoises, weaker than reeds, and more changeable than weather-cocks. We have in us nothing but sin, and deserve only the wrath of God and the eternity of hell.

  1. Is it any wonder then that our Lord laid down that anyone who aspires to be his follower must deny himself and hate his very life? He makes it clear that anyone who loves his life shall lose it and anyone who hates his life shall save it. Now, our Lord, who is infinite Wisdom, and does not give commandments without a reason, bids us hate ourselves only because we richly deserve to be hated. Nothing is more worthy of love than God and nothing is more deserving of hatred than self.

We are not to hate God’s gifts, but we are to deny that “self” which seeks itself above God. We cannot serve two masters, we cannot love the spirit of the world and God at the same time; nor can we love our “self” more than God. We need to choose. God knows our hearts. We need His light to dispel the darkness of our minds and hearts. Let us, please, continue to pray for one another and for all those in most need of God’s Mercy:

Every day they should say the Litany of the Holy Spirit , … They will turn to our Blessed Lady and beg her to obtain for them that great grace which is the foundation of all others, the grace of self-knowledge. For this intention they will say each day the Ave Maris Stella and the Litany of the Blessed Virgin


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