Woken from a sound sleep by JW's

OK, are there any JW’s here? Will you please tell those in charge of your church that we don’t appreciate your coming to our doors?

I was startled out of a sound sleep by 2 JW’s ringing my doorbell. They asked how I was, and I said “Sleeping” The woman said “I’m sorry. We certainly didn’t mean to wake you up.”, as a lead in to her memorized speech. which she apparently was going to give regardless of my answer. I think if I had told her that I was bleeding to death and I was waiting for the rescue, she would have gone on with her speech. So she insensitively went on to talk about the “tract” she was going to leave with me, all the while edging toward the opening side of the screen door, which I had no intention of opening.

Apparenlty they felt that since they had already got me out of bed (the equivalent of ringing someone’s bell at midnight), they would get on with their sales pitch.

They didn’t know enough to apologize (sincerely and not just as a lead in to their speech) and move along. Apparently they thought they had something (their religion) that I would be happy to give up sleep to hear about.

Well, since that was just a rant, I’m editing to add a question to all.

Would you go door-to-door looking for converts if your local church asked you to?

I have with the Legion of Mary, and I took some of my youth group kids with me, and they loved it. It was more of an invitation to come visit the church and take a tour. The kids really liked it. I wish more Catholics has the Zeal of some JW’s and LDS to go door to door, respectfully of course with understanding. It sounds like these folks were just rude and didn’t have much common sense, but I believe most of them have real good heart felt intentions.

I could not do it to tell someone that they should be just like me. I would do it to help others, say with a food drive.

Either way, I would not do it the way they do. As a rule, they are push and rude and not really willing or able to discuss.

That’s ridiculous. I’d give a call to their kingdom hall and tell them, in no uncertain terms, how I did NOT enjoy being blasted out of bed and how I do NOT want it happening again.

The fact that they chose to ignore the results of their intrusion speaks volumes. I had to place a rather terse call to their kingdom hall earlier in the year when they wouldn’t stop coming over, despite my saying no to them. I have zero tolerance for that kind of disrespect.

I’ve found that leaving my car parked in the driveway (it has a bunch of Catholic-themed bumper stickers and a rosary hanging from the rear view mirror) tends to scare them off before they get to my door. I’ve actually seen them in the neighborhood and they skip my house. Just a thought!

The Rosary definitely works! :thumbsup:

^See, Sailor, I tried that. The first woman who visited me was an older woman, and she declined my offer of a one-decade Rosary (I make them and give them away). Well, when these two different women showed up a few months later, they looked at my Rosaries and then slid a know-it-all glance between them. Even that didn’t deter them. :rolleyes:

No! I would never do anything like that. I would also advise anyone against it!


The ones I offered Rosaries took one look and fled.

See, that’s why every home in America needs at least one firearm. Anyone who comes calling that late at night for no good reason deserves to see the door open and be greeted by the barrel of a 12-guage :wink: Or at least a 9mm :smiley:

That’s what they get for coming “like a thief in the night” :mad: :cool:

My two Pit bulls do a real good job.of keeping JW’s a bay. they’re really very friendly but when it comes to the JW’s they go bonkers! no kidding!Probably feeding off my energy.!

was it during the daytime or at night?

ive had the mormons come by in the dark at 8:00 at night, i leave no lights on outside so i dont know why they felt the need.

if you work third shift id post a sign on your door to please not ring.

Yep. 3rd shift. I had posted a sign when I lived in the city. It never stopped anyone from ringing the bell - JWs or others. I have no idea why of all the houses on the street they picked mine. One guy rang the bell to ask directions!

You might want to invest in a few big “NO SOLICITING” and “NO RELIGIOUS SOLICITING” signs. I’ve read that JWs and Mormons disregard the “no soliciting” signs because they believe they’re not selling anything, :mad: so that’s why I suggested the “no religious soliciting” sign in addition to the other one. Also, can you disable your doorbell?

I personally apologize for that one; the rules I went by as a former LDS missionary were that nobody knocked on doors after 6PM. The evenings were for meetings and pre-arranged appointments.

I give very short shrift to people who knock on my door that late–or who phone me that late–and yeah, that includes Mormons. Especially the missionaries, who would hear it personally from me, and whose mission president I would absolutely call.

They came by the day my husband came home from the hospital. It was a few years ago, but he had been in for 4 days, after a heart attack.

I put a note on the door. “Do not ring bell. Knock gently, and only if you NEED to see me. Patient is sleeping.”

They KNOCKED. I went to the door, opened it and they started on their spiel. I couldn’t believe it. I stood there in shock. When they paused for a breath, I said something like, you needed to see me about this TODAY?!? And I closed the door.

Trust me, they don’t care about what is going on in your life. Sleeping, sick or whatever. They just need to get their numbers up. At least that is true in this town.

If you don’t want Jw’s to come to your home, have them put you on there “do not call” list.

They will not EASILY put you on this list, because they truly believe
that they are trying to save your life. And putting you on the list in there mind is to mark you for distruction at the last judgment.

Keep in mind they will only put you on the list as a last result, because
to them you are asking to die.
So be loud and firm with them, being nice won’t help, if they like you they will not want to put you on the list.

If they put you on the list, they can’t knock on your door anymore.
However once a year or so, elders
are suppose to check with you to be sure you want to remain on the list.

Couldn’t help but admire their tenacity and perseverance though. :slight_smile:

Did those stuff when we were a bit younger and believe me it was tough to have doors being slammed at your face or nobody care to respond to the bell ringing when from a distance you could see the curtain parted a little and closed again.

We Catholics just don’t do the JW so I thought maybe give them a bit of credit. :slight_smile:

I always welcomed them, served them tea and suggest an opening prayer before the discussion, much to the chagrin of my wife. They would always come back with another bigger shot but eventually they would give up. And all the while my wife would say, “do not entertain these people; you will be evangelized by them."

Funny, I thought I was giving them a dose of their own medicine and secretly hoping that they would be evangelized instead. :slight_smile:

I USED to have a sign on my door that read something like 'I will eat your liver with fava beans and a nice KEEEANTYYY."

I had to take it down because it scared even UPS away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming from a former JW door knocker. Yes the speech is rehearsed and yes they are instructed to give it no matter what objection is encountered, if at all possible.

Since I used to JW door knock and hated it, I would never be involved in that type of work ever again.

Sorry they woke you up. Annoyance is a taught JW virtue.

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