Wolf dens, not lone wolves, the norm in Islamic State plots



Obama just finished berating Americans for their mishandling of Islamic Terrorism. Then he rolled on his political opposition. He lectured Americans again to soul search and know that HE has been the “Greatest” doing all possible to defeat these terrorists. On and on the babble went. He throws in HIS getting Ben Laden. I, I, I, me, me, me.
Another slap towards Cable TV being an obstacle to his success (Fox News) and a slap at a politician who “tweets” (Trump). Give me a break!! Then we get to the 2nd Amendment and how that is the biggest problem. He STUPIDLY brought up Fort Hood, San Bernardino and now Orlando that they all had something in common - guns were used. What else did they have in common? ISLAMIC TERRORISM! And to think that all this time he has been trying to defeat them by not naming them. Also, the LGBT community is hated by Americans. That is not true but the Islamic terrorists believe and desire their death on a daily basis. Everybody else is on the same schedule!

The Orlando survivors that laid on the floor among the other bodies were told to raise their hands if they were alive! Miraculously some hands were raised. The interview of the surviving, suffering fellow Americans and their Doctors, Nurses, medical personnel, brings it right into your heart and soul. This latest attack has got to be the marked turning point and war must be declared on this enemy.

Obama claims he is the biggest defender against Islamic terrorism - well, he could be if he would resign and free America to defend ourself and others.


When repeated use of terms of “lone wolf”, “home grown or domestic terrorist” does it have an affect of diminishing the terrorist act? Is it important to use terms that actually reflect who the terrorist identifies sharing the same lust for killing? Does it matter if the identity with those that share this kill lust share a same culture, language, and religion?

Obama scolds Americans for denying any person from entering our country - regardless of laws that require admission requirements. Americans would like their POTUS and Commander in Chief to perform the #1 duty to protect the nation from enemies. What have we had for 7 and one half years!

Obama demanded that Ft. Hood be addressed as “work place violence”! Even denying benefits to the families of the killed. That Islamic terrorist who communicated with the leader - what, was he not of Islamic persuasion?

The San Bernadino Christmas party slaughter was carried out by Islamic terrorists. One of whom was in our country illegally and they were not “lone wolf”, they were a pack of wolves with solid ties to ISIS.

The Orlando killer may have been born on USA land in New York but his parents were recently from Afghanistan and the father was a member of the Taliban and had designs of becoming the Afghan president! This is not “home grown” by any stretch.

The Boston Marathon Bombers were from Chechnya and how they came to be in the US and able to afford college and trips back and forth, etc. Parents still living in Chechnya. Also, Russia had passed a warning to the State Dept that we should be aware of them. Who took care of that information?

There is a huge gap in acceptable performance throughout this administration and it appears that the cover is not going to keep from tearing open much longer.


Wolves are noble beasts…find somebody else to pick on!!


boldly: who are you directing your post to? Do you know what this subject is about?


This perp (he doesn’t deserve a name…) was mad at pretty much everything and everybody in the world. I’d call him a mad dog, but I love dogs too much. I think he threw the Islamist bit in because he…wait for it…hates them too.

ISIS just enabled this beast, it didn’t fund him.

He is a single psychopath who got very lucky.

“The good guys need to be lucky every day, the bad guys just need to get lucky once…”

  • Tom Clancy, Patriot Games.


Its no argument that these killers are psychos but blaming his problem on SSA and being troubled with it is too much of a reach. There are too many identifiers revealed that support his attachment to ISIS.


Of course it didn’t trip FBI or Homeland triggers, who actually KNOW what they are talking about…


Homeland thinks the biggest threats are nursing mothers carrying a few ounces of breast milk and wheel chair bound grandmothers with metal hips. “Knowing what they’re talking about” isn’t the first phrase I’d use to describe them.




Yep, they have jumped right out there supporting Obama’s desired evaluation of this whole episode. Could give the idea that its a directed response. :rolleyes:


most everyone in the club had Spanish last names. why is that not mentioned? it was Latin night. maybe it wasn’t just SSA he was angry at. supposedly he asked someone if they were Black saying he doesn’t have a problem with Blacks.
I get tired of being lectured by Obama and his administration - including Hillary!


Of course I know…I’m directing my post to those who arbitrarily slam wolves, who only kill to survive…


Oh well.


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