I saw a trailer for this movie and it looks sort of like the old style Hollywood horror flicks to me

I am not into that vampire series that the kids find so wonderful…not at all interested, but something about this movie sort of grabbed me

Anthony Hopkins is in it ,and I really don’t know who else, but it was sort of brooding ,and melancholy looking, like the early Dracula and Frankenstein movies used to be

I don’t know if the storyline will be any good, but the film looked really spooky and creepy and fun

Its a remake of the old hollywood horror film ‘The Wolf Man’…

I am eager to see this remake, i like the old school movie monsters.:thumbsup:

I didn’t realize they were making this movie. My husband is a big fan of the old “monster” movies, so I’m guessing we will see this one! And I do like Anthony Hopkins a lot, so I’m betting it will be a good movie.

I’m pretty sure I saw Hugo Weaving in the trailer. Y’know…Mr. Smith…Elrond…the Scottish penguin from Happy Feet…

It looks very good and they do have a website with trailers to watch…I think it will be out in Feb


We’ll have to wait and see, I have high hopes for this one, but I have heard that it is going to be a gore fest from some.

I hope not the original one was scary for its time, but it wasn’t a gore fest…but I guess it could be…I will have to read the reviews before I see it

I’m just worried they might turn it into a slasher. It says that it has been rated R (horror films usually are, so this isn’t always a bad sign) for ‘bloody horror violence and gore’ (that might be).

I’m also waiting for this one. I love horror movies!!! The movie was suppose to be out for Halloween 2009 but was pushed back…

The film is due out in February in theaters, I believe. As a fan of the old-time horror/sci-fi B-movies, I am also interested in seeing it. It stars Benicio Del Toro in the lead role and he even looks a little like Lon Chaney, Jr. from the original 1941 version.

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