Woman, 74, Busted for Pouring Mayo in Book Drop

Police in Idaho think they might have solved a yearlong condiment crime spree…

Condiment Spree

Maybe she didn’t like the Library dues? :eek:

Article doesn’t cut the mustard for me. Hopefully they will ketchup eventually. I don’t relish a long wait though.

What is the sauce of such humor about such a graveyous crime?

Incidentally, after seeing the quality of books at my Local Library, I can see how someone would be tempted.


Kassandra, thanks.
Having libraries is a huge privilege to all.
This woman must be so angry about — something?
I’m glad she was caught.

Kaaaaaaaa-razy woman, IMO.

She had a gun under the seat of her car when she was arrested. I guess maybe we should be glad she only used the mayo!

For sure.
Eventually she might have worked her way up to the gun.

Wacky woman.

A gun? My goodness! I missed that bit of info. Scary.

THAT was really bad…I LOVE IT!! XD


Wow, she has been greasing the wheels of violence with mayonnaise! That mayo might have been just gravy on the side of her sociopathic personality! Good that everyone, librarians, cops, managed to escape this incident without getting creamed by the violent old lady and her gun!

OK all jokes aside, how do you know she had a weapon under the seat?

I was looking at local (to the arrest) news sites to get more info than the AP story had, and I found a number of local stories, including this one: ktvb.com/home/Police-bust-74-year-old-for-depositing-mayonnaise-in-book-drop-96309729.html

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