Woman aborts other mother’s last embryo

Another sad consequence of biotechnology…

"Woman aborts other mother’s last embryo

A MOTHER desperate to have a second child has told how she lost her last IVF embryo when the NHS implanted it into the wrong patient.

When the other woman found out that the embryo was not hers, she aborted it. "…

Full article here: timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article6493900.ece

The entire process of IVF seems to be soooo selfish! I understand the reasoning, both emotional and physical, of why some women choose this procedure to have a child, but gosh! No one in these situations are willing to accept their situations in life! Now we not only have a devastated mom, but a dead baby. :mad:

That makes me sick. What a horrible situation! And what’s more, the woman whose child was killed wasn’t even married.

I know sometimes His will is very, very difficult to accept, and I do empathize with those who are faced with infertility. Bottom line, the outcome of this whole situation is very sad.

I agree, it is very tragic.

I truly believe that parishes need to start promoting spiritual adoption.

Not only do we have to pray for unborn fetuses, but we especially need to pray for the forgotten thousands (millions?) of souls in a frozen embryonic stage, waiting to be experimented on, or waiting to be thrown in the garbage.

We all need to witness to their humanity with our prayers.

It’s very simple to spiritually adopt an embryo/fetus:

Simply say a decade of the rosary every day for nine months for your spiritually adopted child (whose name only God knows). It’s that easy. You will be eternally linked to that soul… whoever it is.

Here’s AOL’s version of the story. The comments at the bottom of the article are really interesting to read:


This is a tragic situation to say the least. I think this is why IVF should be banned. It creates situations like this and the one with the octomom. It is really barbaric and a form of child abuse.

Look how many children born from IVF have debilitating health problems. It just doesn’t seem safe. I know a family who picked 1 embryo out of a group, and the one embryo turned out to have problems. The child can’t walk and sits in a chair all day.

Children with challenges is not a reason to ban IVF.

I believe that since IVF causes children to be born with challenges is a reason to ban IVF. Why allow a process that results in crippling a child to be allowed just to please some wealthy people who can afford it? Many IVF centers encourage “selective reduction” or abortion of excess fetuses. To me breeding children just to give a couple a child, with out regard to weather there is inherent risk to the child is morally wrong.

Doctors only go in to IVF to make money. They should go in to fields where they can do good instead of IVF. I know many people in med school and this is a sad fact.

IVF goes against GOD and the process that He CREATED for men and women to create new life.

There are doctors that can get to the bottom of fertility problems that don’t go around suggesting IVF. Or these couples could adopt babies that were saved from abortion and were placed for adoption.

IVF is leading to making babies that don’t have diseases or have blue eyes and blond hair.

I suppose this is true if one isn’t considering the morality of IVF and similar procedures.

Then again, would you say the same as someone who has a deformity with a likelyhood that his or her chidren will be born with it? i’ve never forgotten Bree Walker describing coworkers and aquaintances critisising her decision to have children.

It’s not the same thing but I was focusing on the real reason it should be banned. It’s possible that many would find your reason persuasive. I’m conserned they would be critical of those with certain conditions should hace children. And when does it stop? Does it have to be disabiling or maybe just unattractive?

I know a number of people who have children born via IVF. All of the children are perfectly healthy, and the children are very smart and well-adjusted too.

Regarding your statement that ‘doctors only go into IVF to make money’ - how can you possibly know that? Have you spoken with a sampling of them? I would suggest that your statement is purely an emotional statement reflecting your position on IVF. It is likely that many doctors go into IVF to assist couples who are struggling with infertility. I would venture a guess that their work is extremely emotionally satisfying to them.

The process of reproductive technologies does not CAUSE the defects in these children. The natural selection process of sperm not fertilizing defective eggs, or defective eggs not normally being released is totally bypassed by techniques such as GIFT, ZIFT, and ovary stimulating drugs. Be careful to not blame it on the procedures themselves, it is the very fact that they bypass God’s natural process of not allowing certain fertilization to occur in the first place that is causing these problems. But you will NEVER get the medical professionals to admit such a thing.

The technology is certainly not evil in and of itself - it is the fact that they are using it that is evil. God gives us intellect to learn and discover new things. He also gives us wisdom and knowledge to understand that, just because we CAN do a given thing does not mean we SHOULD.


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