Woman attacked while ordering lunch at McDonald's drive-thru

Racism anyone ?

“He said, ‘This is for you, you white b----. This is a grape soda.’ And then they took off,” Shannon said.


for allegedly just telling someone its not cool to liter!


About three weeks ago I was at a Safeway, cleaning up some cards that were out of order. I was minding my own business, facing the card tops, organizing, straightening - humming a song to myself, when I heard a man’s voice that was very angry using all sorts of profanities. I had to look to the left to see what was going on and saw that it was a couple, a man and a woman pushing a shopping cart and coming down my aisle. I turned back around because it was nothing (not like a fight was breaking out or someone trying to rob the store or anything to be worried about).

Well as this guy got closer, I could very clearly hear what he was saying. Honk** this, white dogs with fleas, etc etc.

My heart started pounding…like, I couldn’t even believe this guy had the nerve to walk around in public talking like this. You see people type stupid things on the internet, but this guy was IRL shouting this out.

As they got to the middle of the aisle and were passing me up, I still didn’t turn around, I was scared to make eye contact, I kept minding my own business, but as he was right behind me he says, 'Yeah thats right craer I said it, I hate all you m*ers" and I won’t even imply the rest. The back of my neck got real hot…I could feel his anger directed right at me.

I swear my heart was in my throat and I thought should I say something?? but I was scared he’d punch me or something this guy was obviously pshyco…

So I didn’t say anything. And they walked off. That was a hate crime. That must have been like - what it felt like for black people at one time in the south or something I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Really when I think about it I’m ashamed of myself. How weak. :frowning:

But yes, OP, Racism still exists.

Charlotte, that wasn’t a hate crime. What was the crime? Saying racist remarks? That’s protected by the 1st Amendment. If he would have shoved you and said that, it would be different, but saying something, howsoever vulgar and offensive, isn’t a crime.

Racism still exists.

Of course it does.

That’s not hate speech? If it was a gay person and a person said I hate you gays I’d wish you’d all die etc etc :confused: Idk I thought that was hate speech which is a crime now… :shrug:

Yes, it is “hate speech.” Speech, however, isn’t a crime. It does have the effect, in some jurisdictions, of adding to the seriousness of an actual crime.

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