Woman attending Quarter Horse Congress shoots, kills robber


A 70-year-old woman who is staying in town for the All-American Quarter Horse Congress shot and killed a would-be robber tonight at a North Side motel, police said.

The shooting occurred about 9:15 p.m. at The Continent Inn, according to Columbus police Sgt. Isaac Bridges. The motel, at 6225 Zumstein Dr., is located at The Continent complex, off Rt. 161 near I-71.

Sgt. Eric Pilya, of the homicide squad, said the woman was in a motel room with four or five others and they’d cracked the door open to get fresh air.

Pilya said a man barged into the room, demanding money from those inside.

The woman grabbed a gun that she had in the room and shot the man, who staggered into the parking lot of the motel and died. His name wasn’t released, pending notification of family.

Good. I doubt she’ll be charged with anything as long as her permits are in order because Ohio has a “Castle Doctrine” which includes temporary residencies and a provision which prevents the criminal and/or family from suing for damages if the injury or death occurred while engaging in criminal activity.

UPDATE: dispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2009/10/23/Horse_shoot.ART_ART_10-23-09_A1_SGFF2MR.html?type=rss&cat=&sid=101

Summary: Grandma has a permit and the intruder had a gun.

Thank you for the link to the update.

Maybe it will teach people not to mess with a Grandma, she might just be carrying.

Good for her.:thumbsup: I’m surprised when people ask me why I carry a gun all the time. You never know so I’m prepared.

I was at the range Saturday and all these elderly ladies having a great time killing targets. Everyone one of them packs an SA [semiautomatic]. They all have CHL’s and regularly go to the range to keep up their shooting skills.

You see them walking down the street you just wouldn’t think these lovely ladies are packing but if you mess with them you’ll find out real quick.

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