Woman beaten publically in the name of Islam


Once again Western civilisaion is shocked and bevildered at the barbarity in Islamic countries, the hypocrisy and the dehumanisation of women there.

I am glad we have some Muslims on this board who knows and probably appreciates the freedom rights they have in western societies.

Now I would like to hear their response to this madness.

Peace and shalom.

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It’s tiring to see how some Christians relate each negative news with Islam . If u browse , u will see thousands woman beating cases in non-Muslim countries. So ? What’s your point ?

Also , be cautious about many fake videos .

I agree.

You have nothing to say about this barbaric behvior commited by Islamist in the name of Islam?

I’ve been following your posts on these topics, and I can only conclude that your silence on the subject is tacit approval.

You and Islam aren’t victims of these charges. Islamists are the perpetrators and when the rest of Islam is silent, they are giving tacit approval. Shame on you.

I don`t think she remained silent. She adressed the problem quite a few times when she said not all evil actions done by Muslims explain what Islam is. The same thing I have to say about some abusive Catholic priests.

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful


woow I can’t belielve it . I am reading your posts correctly ? :confused:

The difference is that the Catholic Church doesn’t condone this behavior. It is not part of our faith. No Catholic rule says that it’s OK to abuse people.

That isn’t true of Islamist rule.

The LDS off-shoot sect is a good example of a western religion that condones abuse of women and children. And it has been severly condemned in the west.

Why don’t we see Muslims condemning fellow Muslims for this behavior. Instead we see defenses put up on their behalf. These crimes are commited in the name of Islam, yet fellow Muslims don’t condemn these acts. All we see is Muslims saying that we shouldn’t mention the religion when we report these crimes. Hah! If these crimes are commited because they are following Islamist law, well, the crimes have everythig to do with the religion.

Why be silent about it. Catholics certainly were silent about the priest scandalm, and no priest claimed to be commiting these crimes in the name of Christ, or that the crimes were lawful in Catholicism.

If someone were commiting crimes in the name of my religion, you can bet I would be vocal about it.

I think the Muslims are reluctant to denounce fellow Muslims, even when they drag their own religion into a pit.

And how can the families of these people stand by and watch their wives,sisters, mothers being abused. Even a dog will defend his own.


Yes you are:)

You are right! Muslim Woman could you please respond to this post, I`m curious what your Islamic opinion is.

Classic response - a tu quoque! :rolleyes: No outrage whatsoever. Typical!


you can be quite rude Vickie:(

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful

How many years the Catholic Churches hide those crimes ? Protected those Priests ?

. No Catholic rule says that it’s OK to abuse people.

neither do Islam.

the crimes have everythig to do with the religion.

Media mentions name of the religion only when the culprit is a Muslim. Can u imagine , any Imam is caught raping kids inside the holy Macca or Madina , how the media will bash Islam then ?

About abusing of women , God told men : And they (women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness…) (Al-Baqarah 2: 228)

( And live with them (wives) in fairness.) (An-Nisaa’ 4: 19)

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is the ideal Muslim . Once he was angry with all his wives , instead of beating them, he went to the mosque & stayed there for few nights. He never shouted at his wives , no question of beating wives in public .

related info:

the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) emphasized the rights of women in many of his sayings which are probably more than the sayings emphasizing the rights of a husband. Some examples are quoted here:

  1. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The best people from among you are those who are best to their wives.”(At-Tirmidhi)

  2. Also, he said, “No Muslim should hate his Muslim wife. If he dislikes some of her qualities, he may find some other qualities that are agreeable.” (Muslim)

  3. And, he said, “Adhere to my advice about woman that you should treat them fairly.” (At-Tirmidhi)

These examples are sufficient to reveal the great concern the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had for the rights of women, so much so that he dedicated a substantial portion of his last sermon at the time of the Farewell Pilgrimage to explain, elaborate and emphasize the obligations of a man towards his wife.


Time for Maghrib prayer , InshaAllah ( God Willing ) will write later .

That Islam practices thousands cases of woman beating like in non-Muslim countries? Therefore, so what, huh? Others do it too, so why not Islam, eh?

Muslim Woman, why do you refuse to admit that these Islamists are functioning under Islamist law, and that they are doing these things in the name of Allah?

I am not so sure whether the case in the link tantamount to transgression of Islamic law. Nevertheless some aspect of Islamic laws does call for public flogging, cutting of limbs and beheadings of criminals guilty of specific crimes. Muslims can never deny this and if they are quiet when this subject is being exposed, it is understandable, because they are uncomfortable in admitting the practice considering today’s climate where it is being frowned upon especially in Western countries. Any proselytizing Muslims surely would not want to discuss this and thus admitting the outdated doctrine of Islam.

Dear Muslim Woman.
How could we not relate this piece of news with Islam? Tell me please who made it and for what purpose… do enlighten me if its not islamists we see in the clip.

I hope all people of good will see this and see your comment too.

In fact… I was expecting precisely this answer from you: no explanation, no feeling sorry for the poor woman who is being maltreated in the clip… nothing but DENIAL.

Your only excuse for the attrocity committed by these islamists is: You do it too!!

You say: Christian cultures have violence towards women too. Actually that is true. HOWEVER. You find no place in western society where a woman can be held and beaten at broad daylight, publicly flogged, begging for mercy while a number of men stand by to watch. NO WHERE… !!! SO explain this attrocity or you will be guilty with these men whom you know exist with their madness sanctioned by your religion!!!
My brothers and sisters here can tell you how it is in America and elsewhere but in my country in Europe 48 percent of the women in shelters who have been beaten are beaten by their Muslim husbands! 48 percent … compared with the fact that they make out less than ten percent of the population. So YES, you have an explanation problem since the Muslims are very overrepresented in these places compared to women from non-muslim families

Have you no pity??? That is what I searched you to see… But no. Fanatism does not have pity… when it does, it stops being fanatism… when it asks forgiveness it seizes to be hatred and becomes love. But you don’t understand my words because you dont have the Spirit of Truth within you.

I gave you a chance to show a humane face of Islam.
But you choose to deny the attrocities comitted in the name of your god, thus making it ever more evident to me and the others that can see, that you either brainwashed, deliberately endorse evil, or is so desperate to maintain your illusion that you will even lie in order to avoid confronting your fear of Islam being something else than what you thought.

Its more and more evident in the western world that there is no self scrutiny among Muslims and that there is a very dangerous distortion among you when dealing with historical facts.
Thus many of you deny the Holocaust, deny that your prophet did immoral things, deny the accuracy and historicity of Sacred Scriptures that existed centuries before Mohammad ever walked on this earth etc etc… Whenever there is a criticism against your prophet, your imams or your own actions you deny it or point your fingers elsewhere… instead of dealing with the issues. You are no different than the masses before you who were lured into nazism or communism or other such global sects… You CHOOSE to be blind. May the Good Lord have mercy on you.

I once did something stupid and for a short moment I thought: “I could deny it ever happend”. But I threw away the thought because lying is like being a living dead… you lie to the world, you lie to those you love and you lie to yourself. It’s no way to live. Please step out of that way of life before its too late.

Here’s another interesting example.

On the night of April 5, Orland Park police arrested Nour Hadid, 26 after paramedics rushed her 2 year-old niece Bhia to Palos Community Hospital. The little girl was unconscious and died from severe injuries to her brain and kidneys, which she sustained during four days of beatings.
Emergency room doctors said that her tiny body was covered with at least 55 bruises. Assistant State’s Attorney Debra Lawler told reporters that Bhia had been beaten over and over with wooden spoons by Hadid.
The Jordanian national, who was apparently enraged because her husband accused her of stealing money from him. Hadid has confessed to the murder.
Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said: “She outlined in detail how the child was abused.”
Of course, Hadid has been charged with the murder of Bhia Hadid and is being held without bail. Her next court hearing is scheduled for April 30.
While the cable and network news outlets have been filled with coverage of the tragic disappearance and murder of Sandra Cantu, along with the ongoing saga of the Caylee Anthony murder, and Haleigh Cummings abduction, not one minute of coverage has been given to the murder Bhia Hadid.
Volumes both in print and online have been written about the little Cantu, Cummings, and Anthony girls, but I have yet to see one article devoted to Hadid except for very brief statements on the case from Chicago-area media outlets (Orland Park is just outside Chicago).
In fact, the only outrage that has been expressed in this case is from the Muslim community, who are outraged not over the little girl’s brutal murder, but over the fact that Nour Hadid was not allowed to wear her headscarf for her mugshot.
Dr. Mohammed Sahloul, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago, expressed his outrage to the Southtown Star by saying: "they should respect the modesty of the accused."
Hadid’s husband Alaeddin said the mugshot was an “insult against our religion.” He has promised to sue the Orland Park Police Department for the photo. He has expressed no similar outrage over his wife beating to death their 2 year-old niece.
Why has the national media chosen to ignore the horrific murder of 2 year-old Bhia Hadid?
This poor little girl had no one to defend her during her short life, that sad fact has changed very little in death.

Any comments from our Muslim members as to why not wearing a hijab was more important than the brutal murder of this defenseless little Muslim girl?



I can only encourage you to study not only the Koran but also the Hadith (including Sharia) world history of the muslim world, and the things that take place today in so many Muslim countries where Christians and Jews are severely persecuted, women horribly treated and societies are falling apart. One place to start is Pakistan… then you can go to Saudi Arabia where they still have public execution of Muslims that have become Christians and people who have fornicated… and the list goes on and on…

I have a feeling that you deny accepting what you see in the clip because you do not know what to do if you acknowlege that you stand face to face with attrocious evil. I pray you wake up and take action before its too late.

You also know that you make a mistake when you equal barbarian maltreatment of women endorsed by a religion and publicly carried out while a hundred hypocrites stand around watching, and then the condemned behaviour of criminal priests that did their horrible acts in the hidden.
Christ said: “What ever you did to the least of these, you did it to Me”. Therefore you will hear no true Christian stay silent or axcuse the sexual abuse, but rather we say they have served the devil those who did these things.

You’re perfectly correct! As long as they continue living in denial, these atrocities and others like them will continue. And that is how Islam continues to survive and people continue to suffer and die sacrificed on the altar of “Allah”.


Vickie ,
You are right… there is a lacking sense of proportion among Muslims and this is really a dangerous tendency… I recently red the book of Ayaan Hirsi Ali… An fallen-away Muslim… I could not bear to read the book to the end because it was so horrifying how the women there were treated and how they were asked to submit to their destiny because it was the will of allah.

In my own country a woman cried to the news paper: “I lived in the Middle East, fell in love with a man and we were going to get married. his family liked me and I even payed the medical bills for his parents. I am now pregnant and I jut found out that this man is already married and apparantly his whole family has lied to me and expected I would be his mistress or second wife only.”
Immediately a Muslim convert entered the debate. She said NOTHING about the lying and the immense betrayal that had been comitted by this a**hole of a man against the woman who was totally broken hearted and bewildered. All the Muslim “apologet” said was: “See, woman, you shouldn’t have sex before marriage”.

It’s sheer madness, which is why those people who understand what Islam is needs to warn everyone.

**I send everyone yet another clip:

youtube.com/watch?v=Wp3Eam5FX58 This Muslim teacher is explaining the rules of Islam… not how to avoid beating your wife, but how to do it in the correct Islamic way…**

Benjamin and Muslim Woman might deny the authenticity of this one too and say this guy is not a Muslim…
They have a right to continue to life in their own imaginary worlds.

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