Woman blogging her death from neglect



Do we have any Canadians who can confirm this?

Even difficult patients deserve to be treated with dignity.

A somewhat more objective source…

However, the details are seemingly consistent.

Is this the “wonderful” socialized medicine program they want the US to adopt?

A couple of questions, exactly what were the nurses doing or not doing? In what why were they not following her doctor’s orders? How is it that she couldn’t receive care from another agency? Surely the agencies themselves have some standards for the care their patients receive? and for their employees manner/tone?

It is a pity that this woman doesn’t have more friends or relatives who could assist with her care. A daughter, niece or neighbor who could help bath and change her. A neighbor or co-worker who could stop by at lunch to see that she got fed.

That is one of the sad side-effects of socialized anything–we no longer look to our friends and neighbors to help. We just expect everything to be done by government drones, who we expect to behave perfectly and give us exactly what we want when we want it.

From the article:

Nurses hired from a private agency by the CCAC to care for Mettinen-Kekalainen refused to care for her after she threatened to report them to the Ontario College of Nurses for not following her doctor’s orders.

This isn’t the public system failing; this is the new-fangled American-style profit-based private health care failing.

I would never put anyone I loved into the hands of a for-profit agency; they cut way too many corners.

Most of the reports I’ve heard from acquaintances that have used CCAC services have been quite positive. I would also consider that CCAC is found in most communities throughout Canada and as an organization deals with thousands of cases in a year. It would seem to me that one isolated instance (as this appears to be) should be considered the exception rather than the rule.

On the whole public health care and socialized medical services provide a generally better cared for public.

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