Woman breastfeeds her father

What do you think?
Its actually an old media article but i came across it and found it thoughtprovoking.
The headline made me go “huh??” but then i clicked it and read the context of the article and situation.
I should note that the article states that the father was drinking the milk from a cup/bag etc and not directly from his daughter.


I think if it to possibly save her dad’s life, why not? It’s not perversion-based (if that’s a word). Since the article is 2009, I wonder what ever became of her dad’s condition. The doctors did say there was a slight improvement.

I was wondering what became of his condition too.
To me its normal and no issue.
The only issue concern to me was whether theres any real health benefit to breast milk for cancer or whether it was just BS like Homeopathy and could it cause more harm then good or offer false hope.

Serious doubts that it will do any good (unfortunately !).
Otherwise, all investigation would foxus on that possibility.

Ancient news. :slight_smile: Greek and Roman culture left tales of charity and filial piety being embodied by the story of a girl whose father was thrown into jail to starve to death on no good cause apart from politics and paranoia. She petitioned the king to let her visit her father twice a day. He had her searched to make sure she didn’t bring any bread or water with her, and only permitted her to see him through a window in the wall. So she ended up nursing him through the window, saved his life in the short-term, and eventually secured his release.

BM is awesome for things like eye infections, ear infections, and other things. I’m not about to criticize a cancer patient and his family for experimenting.

Definitely a good point. I’ve used breastmilk as “lotion” on my son’s skin when he had a minor rash, per the advice of a lactation consultant. It worked really well, and I’ve heard it can be used for other things. It’s definitely packed with some good stuff that obviously benefits babies primarily, but considering it’s designed for human consumption it makes sense that it could be useful for adults, too. It’s not going to harm anybody, that’s for sure.

I was thinking just the same thing when I read the article. The girl (I think) is now a Saint in the Catholic Church.:slight_smile:

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