Woman charged with attempted murder in failed coat hanger abortion


A Tennessee woman who cops say tried to abort her 24-week-old baby with a coat hanger in a bathtub was charged with attempted first-degree murder Wednesday.

31-year-old Anna Yocco, of Murfreesboro, remains jailed on a $200,000 bond, according to the Daily News Journal.

Yocca filled a bathtub with water and attempted to self-abort with a hanger in September, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department report. When she began bleeding, however, she became worried for her safety.



These stories are going to be trumpeted by the abortion lobby without mercy. May God endure in the hearts of the people and that they do not succumb to a confused and darkened conscious.


I see from the link that the baby was delivered in hospital and somehow miraculously survived her attempt at self abortion…but it will be left with a lifetime of health problems…i pray that the baby gets adopted to parents who want it and will love it,


A baby is not an “it.” There’s no such thing as giving “it” up for adoption.

An iPhone is an “it.” A cup of latte is an “it.” A baby? Not an “it.” :frowning:


Come on, “it” is a perfectly acceptable pronoun when one doesn’t know the gender of the baby involved. The article says “he” and “his,” but that could be used in the gender non-specific way as well. Lay off!


Well this is interesting news…



Would they have charged her if she would have succeeded?

I guess Planned Parenthood failed this woman.

Poor baby. I hope this woman receives a long sentence.


I think the woman needs mental healthcare assistance, not prison. she must have been desperate to murder her baby at 6 months.

I pray the baby will fully recover and the woman will get help.

Aside from that, this is bizarre from a legal perspective. So women can legally kill their own children, IF they pay a third party to do it for them, but they’re not allowed to do it to themselves? Abortion pills are now available at pharmacists which effectively, by law, do the same thing. The mother administers the drug to herself and kills her baby - mind you planned parenthood seem to be able to ‘pocket’ $800 for this ‘pill’ - wouldn’t want them to lose money on ‘no more abortions’, by surgery. :mad:

The Abortion Pill at a Glance
Take medicines to end an early pregnancy
Safe and effective
Available from many Planned Parenthood health centers
Costs up to $800, but often less

I note some states in the USA have no legal restriction, as to when an abortion may be carried out. So it is very strange, as to why she was arrested and charged with murder, when murdering babies is completely legal! :(:mad:


Umh, this might be a stupid question but 3rd trimester abortion seems to be legal in the US so why is that woman being accused of murder? If I’ve understood right, that very same thing happens in Planned Parenthood’s “healthcenters” every once in a while so why is that such a big deal?

I hope the baby will be adopted into a loving family and the mother gets the help she needs. She must have serious mental illness etc. if she really did that.


We are going through dark times.


did you read of the injuries this baby has? fully recover?


If somebody kills a pregnant woman, that person can be tried in some cases for double homicide. In the case of this woman, she can be tried for attempted murder for trying to self abort, but yet abortion is legal in the U.S., as you similarly point out. Attempted murder for trying to self report, but it’s not declared attempted murder by law if she walked into a clinic and had the baby killed there by an abortionist.


No, “it” is most certainly not an acceptable pronoun when referring to an unborn child. It’s that sort of dehumanizing term that Planned Parenthood counts on.

And if I had a quarter for every time I heard the phrase “give it up for adoption” - as though the mother who lived with her child for nine months can just give her child away like it’s no big deal - I would have enough money to move to Morocco.


This varies by state. Many if not most states ban abortions after 20 weeks.


Im asking the same exact question…???

All the pro choice people claim its not a real person until it is born, so I dont understand why they even charged her with murder and then dont go do the same thing at abortion clinics?

Seems like they only charge a person with murder (associated with some type of abortion), when its too their benefit, Im thinking one or a few of the cops on the scene were pro-life…only thing I can come up with to explain it, but Im sure the media will depict this women as the victim and charges will be dropped.


It’s completely messed up but I guess the difference is that this child actually survived. If they kill you prior birth, they don’t have to admit your humanity because they can’t look into your eyes. It’s kind of hard to tell you that you aren’t a person when your breathing, eating, and pooping you diaper.


Good grief, get a life. I am sure the poster meant no harm and it is juvenile to keep on with this.


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