Woman claims she was raped by Bill Clinton back in 1978



*A woman who publicly accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978 is resurrecting her claims on social media.

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me,” Juanita Broaddrick tweeted Wednesday.

“Hillary tried to silence me,” she wrote of Bill Clinton’s wife and the current Democratic presidential front-runner. “I am now 73…it never goes away.”*


How awful, if this is true. You just don’t know. But the lady is now seventy-three. I don’t feel someone of that age would lie, just to get attention. What can I say…It’s believable. I feel for her, if it is indeed true.


An old allegation for which there is no evidence and copious doubt about its veracity. Odd that she mentions supporting Trump considering that he was also accused of rape.


I didn’t know what Donald Trump was accused of this too. What is it with these people?! All I’ve heard about Trump that I didn’t think was very nice was something about him forcing an elderly lady out of her home so he could build a place to house his limo on her land. I thought that was pretty awful.


how old was Bill Clinton at the time? I bet Hilary and Bill wish Juanita would just go away. I believe her. Why would she continue to come out and make these accusations?


do you have a source for that accusation about Trump?




from the article Ivana now says tensions were high during the divorce proceedings and says they have raised 2 beautiful children together. the lawyer also apologized for his insensitive remark. so it sounds like she is not accusing him of that afterall. others should read the article you posted.


And Juanita Broaddrick had her lawyer serve Paula Jones’ legal team with a sworn affidavit stating that the rape allegations involving her were untrue. :shrug:


do you have a source for that?


Here’s the affidavit.


Take what is read on the internet in context.

I believe the accusation of rape referred to Ivana Trump’s comment about Trump, which she later noted “it wasn’t in the criminal sense”.

That was reported by the Daily Beast, a liberal publication.

Oh, and their story ran after Trump noted rapes as one of the crimes illegal immigrants in order to try and show he did it, too. It’s a technique liberals are fond of using lately to justify bad behavior and policies.

According to Fox News,

“But we’re talking here about a single allegation, made in the heat of a highly contested divorce, that Ivana largely walked back then—and dismisses today”

I haven’t heard anything like this regarding Bill Clinton. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of disturbing reports of him surfacing. And my hope is conservatives won’t act like some of the police-shooting protesters and try someone in the court of public opinion. But the trend is not good.

The left is just hoping to draw even so that this won’t be a campaign issue, but there’s really no equivalence even as things now stand.

In the overall scheme of things, guilty or not, it looks like the Clinton campaign success will depend heavily on the media and liberal supporters circling the wagons and trying to mitigate the damage by finding republicans who’ve done the same thing.

But was already a non-starter with Trump, and I think the story was just reported not because they were concerned about Ivana or women in general but because they wanted counter-ammo for Trump having the audacity to say the fundamental truth about illegal immigrant crime trends.

In short: It’s about politics, not justice or helping women.


I have the same report in the above post.

There’s no comparison. Ivana retracted the comment and so far this is just an accusation against Bill Clinton.


There is no damage. It is an unsubstantiated allegation from a woman who submitted a sworn affidavit stating that it never happened, but popped out of the woodwork in the middle of a campaign 38 years later to stump for Trump and revive the lie.


There’s plenty of damage. Bill Clinton lied to the American people and was impeached by the House.


He lied about a consensual sexual relationship and his approval shot through the roof when all was said and done. The only damage was created by the hypocrisy of the Republican tightwads in Congress who were getting side action of their own (pretty sure the fact that Newt Gingrich was banging his mistress while his wife was at the hospital receiving chemotherapy was FAR more damaging) and their theatre around this issue that made the United States the laughing stock of the world. Presidential affairs are as much an American tradition as a European one.


Because she wants to murder him, and has already murdered him in her imagination, but due to her lack of ferocity, she uses the next best weapon.


Well, I never said I agreed with the impeachment process. Some thought it was a distraction from larger issues, like al quedia planning 9-11. I think the lying, not the consensual relationship, was the bigger problem for Americans. But it is damaging if the Clinton’s are going to play the feminist card, and the left says that voting for Hillary means voting for Bill could be more a liability than they realize.

The Newt situation doesn’t surprise me. Sean Hannity even said that he’s seen politicians out where they aren’t supposed to, and they turn pale thinking he’ll out them on his show.


I think there are people on the right who are trying to make Bill a liability, but I don’t think it will be a successful effort. We’ll see I suppose. These sorts of attacks aren’t as impactful when you don’t have a party involved claiming to be the torch bearer of family values. The Democrats have never done that and the Republicans learned the hard way that it’s a bad idea.


Well, Bill Clinton made those choices as an adult, and while I disagree with the morality of those acts, he made himself a potential liability. Anytime there is a sex scandal, there’s a liability, even if the political party or politician doesn’t promote family values.

Yes, his numbers went up perhaps due to republican overkill on impeachment, but today it would at least make the Clinton camp pause before going all out feminist in their campaign.

The republicans, though, need way more than the Clinton sex scandal to win the election. So far it sounds like only Trump is interested in making the issue front and center. But I really have to wonder how much more of this is going to surface regardless of what the candidates said.

I don’t like discussing the known Clinton scandals that much because as Sean Hannity says “maybe there’s forgiveness there I will never understand”. On the other hand, critics have said Hillary only kept the marriage going for her own political connections and gains.

In any case, the republicans are need to do more than just be anti-Clinton or anti-establishment and are going to have to admit the media isn’t on their side to talk about those ideas.

And yes, politicians who act as hypocrites just give ammo to their opponents. People love pointing out hypocrisy on those whom they disagree with.

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