Woman Conceived in Rape Thanks Quebec Cardinal for Abortion Statements

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the archbishop of Quebec City and primate of Canada, has been vilified recently for taking a stand against abortion for rape victims. In this story, a woman who was conceived as a result of rape shares her support for the Cardinal.


What a fascinating article! One of my friends growing up was conceived in rape as well. She said that she never knew until she was much, much older what had happened to her mom. She knew that her mom was younger than most of her friends’ moms, and that she didn’t have a dad, but she didn’t ask about it for a long while. When she did find out, her mom had told her, “I wanted you to know that you were loved, honored, and respected for who you were, and not feel as though anything that happened to me affected your upbringing.” The way my friend’s mom put it, the attacker will have to answer to God for his crimes, and she would answer to God for her love of her child.

Brilliant! :slight_smile:


Too bad more women don’t feel that way :frowning:

Thanks for the link.

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