Woman Confesses to False Rape Charge

Woman Confesses to False Rape Charge
Man She Accused Has Already Served Four Years in Prison

(Aug. 13) – William McCaffrey has spent the last four years in prison, serving a 20-year sentence for a rape the victim now says never happened.

Biurny Peguero, now married and using the last name Gonzalez, accused McCaffrey of raping her in September 2005, and he was convicted by the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. But in March, Gonzalez confessed to her priest, and later to her attorney, that she had fabricated the rape story, according to reports from The New York Times and the New York Post.

Skip over this content Gonzalez initially accused McCaffrey of raping her while on the way to a late-night party. According to the Post, Gonzalez now says she lied about being raped because her friends were angry with her for stranding them without a ride when she went off to the party with McCaffrey.


This story is aggravating. :mad: The poor guy wasted 4 years of his life locked up in prison because of a lie!

In the morning, she went to Christ Hospital in Jersey City and showed nurses bite marks on her shoulder and arm, allegedly from McCaffrey. The nurses found no physical evidence that she had been raped.
No evidence other than the bite marks were presented at trial. McCaffrey was convicted largely on the word of Gonzalez.

There’s no excuse for a prosecutor bringing such a case to trial.
The fact that McCaffery was convicted is proof that juries a.) do not presume defendants are innocent and b.) do not hold prosecutors to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard.

You’re right. No one should ever be convicted without physical evidence. Even before forensics, Mosaic Law required two witnesses. In the trial of Jesus, they brought the two witnesses, but they were not consistent.

What this woman did earns a much longer stint in Hell. It is with good cause that acting the role of a false witness is a mortal sin. I am pleased that she repented, but now she needs to pay the debt she owes for ruining the life of this man.

I hope he is released. The DA office sometimes drags it’s feet; they don’t like to be wrong.

That is a disgusting story. Not that there would be a good reason to lie about being raped, but because you didn’t want your friends to know you stood them up!?!?
Thanks lady, for all your sisters out there that were actually raped and can’t get anyone to believe them, you’ve done them a HUGE favor. :mad::mad::mad:

Sickening, absolutely sickening.

This woman has issues to make up a story like that and go to trial with it.

I wonder if charges will be filed against her?

According to the story, McCaffrey–the guy who was convicted of rape–is not yet home free and remains in jail. The woman’s lawyer will not allow her to testify as to his innocence unless she receives immunity from a perjury charge.

I hope she does get immunity or at least a light sentence. It pains me a bit to say that, but that way no one else who’s done this kind of thing will be discouraged from coming forward.


To Hell with that. Apparently there is now DNA evidence showing that she lied.
Let him be freed on that basis and send her to the slam. As for her having “issues” – bat puckey! She is evil. She sent an innocent man to prison and let him rot there and God only knows what happened to him he was in.

She should get the same sentence he got!!!

According to the story, her lawyer is seeking immunity because: “I don’t want to see her baby born in prison,” Callan [the attorney] said.

Since she did come forward, there might be some grounds for lienency. However, if she does not end up doing some prison time, she needs to pay for this financially the rest of her natural life. It is not enough, but it would at least be something.

This brings to mind the story of Susanna from the Bible. When the elders falsely accused her of adultery, and their lie was discovered, they were given the sentence they had attempted to give to Susanna. This woman should get the sentence that the man she falsely accused got.

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