Woman Defends Herself With Firearm Against Soldier For Burglary Try

The police would have never gotten to her resident in time, thank the Lord she was prepared in the safe use of firearms.:thumbsup:

Soldier suspected of burglary tryPosted On: Tuesday, Mar. 17 2009 05:22 AM
From staff reports

Killeen police arrested a Fort Hood soldier suspected of a burglary of a habitation on Friday.

Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin issued a warrant for Jamar McNair Jones, 18, on Friday on a charge of burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit theft. Potvin set his bond at $500,000.

Officers responded to the 400 block of Deloris Drive just after 4 a.m. Friday after receiving a 911 call from the resident, stated a Killeen Police Department news release.

A woman awoke to someone ringing her doorbell several times, and when she approached the door she could not see who was there through the peep hole, the release stated.

She heard a man tell her something, but she could not hear what he was saying so she opened the door slightly, the release stated. The man attempted to force his way inside the residence through the door, but then the woman, who was armed, shot the man.

The man then fled from the area, the release stated.

As the officers were speaking with the victim, they received information from officers at Metroplex Hospital advising that a man suffering a gunshot wound had just come into the emergency room, and he fit the description of the man who attempted to gain entry into the residence on Deloris Drive.

The man was transferred to Scott & White Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet, the release stated.

Jones was released from Scott & White and taken into custody at 6 p.m. Friday and transported to the Killeen city jail, the release stated. Jones is currently in the Bell County Jail.

Gets you to thinking why the gun control people is silent on this thread.:ehh:

Why because the lady did the right thing and is within the law?:hmmm:

We had a story in my home state on Sunday. Robber with a gun kicked down the door of a homeowner. Homeowner opened fire with an assault weapon, robber is shot but runs outside where his get away driver ran him over and left him for dead. The ambulance took the robber to the hospital where he is in critical condition. The police said the homeowner did the right thing.

None of the gun grabbers commented on that story either. Just like this one, they fall silent.

Still there are indications that guns are used more often to STOP crimes than to commit them. That also falls on deaf ears. I guess they don’t want to hear the truth?

Yes she sould be able to protect herself. I beleive in registering guns and background checks on gun buyers.

Some NRA members would believe she should have used an AK47. :rolleyes:

Why do you choose to belittle the NRA members and stereotype them like that with the little sarcastic smiley? You admit she should be able to protect herself. What difference does it matter if she uses a handgun or a rifle? In either case it is very likely that both would be semi-automatic weapons.

And if you really put some thought to it, a low powered rifle like an AR15 or an AK47 would be good home defense weapons, especially for women. They don’t have a lot of recoil, they are simple to operate, they are more effective than a handgun, they are easy to store unloaded but still easy and quick to put into use. The fact that a slightly built woman can more easily handle the recoil from a gun they can grab with 2 hands actually makes a lot more sense than a handgun that only has 1 gripping surface and may have a far more unpleasant felt recoil.

It should be further noted that rounds like the military 5.56 actually DON’T over penetrate house walls like handgun bullets tend to do. So someone firing a fairly weak round like a 9mm handgun can punch a hole in several walls, even the exterior wall of a home but someone firing an AR15 in a home would find that the small light bullets tend to stop much quicker and therefore would not endanger the lives of family members or pets a couple rooms away.

When people learn the truth about guns they tend to criticize them less and less.

I am not saying I am totally for gun control. I believe there are certain people that should not own guns.

You might believe everyone should own an asault rifle. Sorry, I don’t.

atf.gov/firearms/faq/faq2.htm#b5 see b5 for people who cant possess weapons.

street gangs shouldnt have guns, but they dont follow laws, so that makes a gun law forbidding them from having it a moot point.

gun laws are only for people who are responsible and obey the law. criminals will still do whatever they want and get whatever kind of weapon they want.

Nope I never said that at all. I simply took offense to your stereotyping of gun owners and slamming members of the NRA for no just cause.

I think the NRA is very much like the Catholic Church.

Seems to me one of our best spoken representatives, a man who’s name was Archbishop Fulton Sheen once stated ***“There are not even 100 people in this country who hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they think the Catholic Church to be.” *** I believe the same is true of the NRA. Many only know about the NRA what the media claims them to be, therefore they think things that have very little basis in actuality.

I try not to let media bias form my opinions. Maybe I’m getting smarter with age:shrug:

Yeah I still notice the anti-gun people that hangout on these boards is still silent and you know who they are.

They remind me of the Food Police that think they’re better human beings because they don’t eat meat yet when there’s a veggie recall they’re silent

I’m guess I’m still amazed that the people that want to ban guns are only going to ban guns to law abiding citizens. Their argument is not logical.

It’s like Rosie O’Donnell she wants guns banned yet she has a gun permit and armed security around her property. She has the legal right to carry a firearm yet wants to deprive us of that same right.

Typical liberal elite, “Do what I say; not what I do.”

What they need to think about what if this lady didn’t have a firearm she could be raped or dead today.

Estimated over two million citizens protect themselves with firearms without a shot being fired. As I said on another thread that’s not news.

:shrug:Uh…NRA life member here…I would personally be satisfied to use my 380, 357 mag, 45, 270, 30-30, or my 30-06 in the situation…and if it came down to it, I would even unload one of my 22’s as well…:shrug:

And, registration is the first step to confiscation…BIG mistaken belief on your part.
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I still notice the anti-gun people that hangout on these boards is still silent when you show that someone is in the right to use a firearm to protect their home.:eek:

From one life member to another, I agree with you.

What is your definition of an “asault rifle”? Which of these …
… would you consider to be an “asault rifle”?

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