Woman denied "Life Saving" Abortion, Dies

I just read a story about a woman who was denied a “life saving” abortion. She apparently had
blood poisoning. How would an abortion save her life exactly? The media is all over it. Because this happened in a Catholic country, Ireland.

here is the story. God rest their souls. But I still don’t see how an abortion would heal a blood poisoning.

Anyone with Medical background is more then welcome to explain how an abortion would help.

I’m not a doctor, so I will not pretend to explain all the situations where this could be the case. That said, as far as I am aware, Catholic hospitals often have a person charged with approving medically driven abortions. This just goes to point out how even topics like the life or death of a human baby still in the womb are not as black and white as we’d sometimes like to believe.

The act of an abortion is a grave to horrible occurrence; but is out right opposition to the possibility when it could mean other children lose their mother or a husband his spouse the only answer to the problem? Anyone for or against abortion needs to be able to answer that question satisfactorily to themselves and their faith in God’s plan for us.

Fortunately it does not require the soul searching or deep thinking you might suggest. The answer is this: Abortion is “never” right under “any” circumstances. Operating word being “any”. What happened to that woman was a tragedy. But it would not have justified her killing her baby (even if it potentially could have saved her life). True, by not aborting there is a possibility of the mother losing her life and thus the baby as well. But that is God’s will. Taking life on our own merits is never justifiable in any way.

You actually answered for own yourself the question I was posing…simply that if you are going to take one side or another on abortion you must be comfortable on this particular issue one way or another.

Another similar issue we need to comfortable with is, if we support artificial life support, when or even if are we comfortable ending the life support.

She was in the process of miscarrying. Because the hospital refused to expedite it she got a blood infection and died. There was no hope for the baby and the hospital let the mother die to prove how “moral” they are. Last time I checked valuing the life of a fetus that is being miscarried over that of a woman is anything but moral.

Hopefully though her death won’t be for nothing. I hope this shows the world exactly what the “pro-life” movement really means for women.

Abortion supporters should not be expoliting Savita Halappanavar’s death

You have got to no proof that if an abortion would of saved the woman’s life. Ireland has one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world

Media typicallly ignores all the deaths of women that occur in abortion clinics and yet blame Halappanavar’s death on the claim that an abortion did not take place which nobody has proof for

Abortion is one thing.
A Medical Procedure to save the Mother’s Life is another thing.
Now, mix this case with the case of a woman who just does not “feel” convenient yo have a baby for financial reasons is unreasonable.

The blood infection was caused by not removing dying tissue! They left it there for her body to expel on its own. Without that tissue there she wouldn’t have gotten the infection. It’s the same reason women have to be checked out after a miscarriage, to make sure that there is no decomposing material left that will kill them.

They valued a dead but not expelled fetus over her. That’s despicable and there is no excuse for that.

The pro-life movement will never value women as much as they value fetuses. Not even dead ones.

:rolleyes: Oh please, I’ve seen you exploit the death of women who died form abortion on these boards, and fewer women die from abortion than child birth.

No I have not

You and other people who think abortion should be legal raise this 1 terrible case where you do not have the full facts because an investigation has not been concluded yet. You should take as seriously the cases of women dying from legal abortion as you do this 1 case

If there was a heart beat the baby was not dead

Her and her husband begged the hospital to save her life. They flat out refused even though there was no hope for the fetus. That is immoral and disgusting and I am grateful that it is angering the rest of the western world. Those who would watch a woman die for the symbolic gesture of not performing an “abortion” on a dying fetus deserve all the scorn they get.

The difference is that a woman chooses an abortion. This woman did not choose to die to appease someone else’s religious sensibilities.

But hey, if you want to compare the number of women who die from abortion vs. childbirth you’ll see that abortion is safer.

Why don’t you explain that to the young widower who was told that the fetus was in the process of dying but that they wouldn’t make an effort to save his wife’s life? This man lost everything so that this hospital could display their “pro-life values”.

You do not know there was no hope for the baby

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry in 2002 published a study that looked at 173000 abortions for California women and death records linked to births by Medi-Cal payments. Found that women were almost twice as likely to die in the following 2 years. 63% more likely to receive mental care in the 90 days following an abortion than giving birth. Study found an increased level or mortality for at least 8 years. Over 8 years studied, women who aborted had a 44% higher risk of death from natural causes, 154% higher risk of death from suicide, and 82% higher risk of death from accidents

Study from Finland discovered within 1 year the risk of dying from abortion is several times higher than from childbirth or miscarriage

There is nothing uncommon about expectant care for a miscarriage. It obviously wasn’t the choice between let the woman and fetus die vs surgical intervention. If there was a medical reason for a uterine evacuation because of an infection Catholic teaching would have allowed for that. Hindsight is 20/20

Inducing early labour to treat women, even if that indirectly results in the death of the baby, set out by guidelines by the Irish Medical Council for doctors is in compliance with the law. Apparantly they did not that at the hospital, if the investigation concludes that, legalising abortion would change nothing because the issue is about medical codes being followed

Several things are wrong with that. For starters its 20 years old. Secondly they did not draw the conclusion that abortion is deadlier. Three, I would need to know who commissioned and funded the study, what political ties the researchers had, and who, if anyone reviewed it.

This isn’t about the legality of abortion in Ireland, although they are quickly moving in that direction. This is about exposing what the pro life mentality does and how little they value the lives of women.

It is going to be an uphill battle for those who want abortion legalised. You admit this is not about legal abortion so this woman’s death had nothing to do with an abortion so why did you say if she had an abortion _____

If you think pro life movement is not pro women you should see the work the pro life movement does with post abortive women who are physically and mentally scarred

I doubt I can find the specific political ties of the researchers online

Raymond and Grimes released a study earlier this year that claimed abortion was safer than childbirth. Dr David Grimes is an abortion provider, so consider the same questions you asked me when you look at studies that say the opposite to the studies claims I posted

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