Woman died of complications during an abortion, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner rules


CLEVELAND, Ohio – A 22-year-old woman died earlier this year of complications during an abortion, the Cuyahoga Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Friday.

Lakisha Wilson of Canal Winchester near Columbus was rushed to the hospital during the termination her pregnancy March 22 at Preterm Abortion Clinic. She died a week later of “cardiopulmonary arrest immediately following elective abortion of intrauterine pregnancy,” the Medical Examiner’s Office said.

The medical examiner designated her death as being from a “Therapeutic Complication.” It “reflects the association of this death with a medical procedure and is not intended to address issues regarding quality of care or standards of practice.”



Okay…? So what point are you trying to make?

Women die in childbirth as well.


I see the point being that this time the abortionist accidentally killed the mother in the process of intentionally killing the baby.


This is a tragedy; I’m sure we call can all agree that any life, whether born or unborn is precious. Pray for the soul of the departed.


2 victims here


This is incredibly sad. :frowning:


Fact #11: Abortion is more dangerous than childbirth.

Not only does every abortion kill an innocent human being in the womb; but abortion is also more dangerous to the mother than if she were to give birth to the child. The evidence overwhelmingly proves that the morbidity and mortality rates of legal abortion are several times higher than that for carrying a pregnancy to term.

Abortion is not safer than full-term pregnancy and childbirth. Less than one in ten thousand pregnancies results in the mother’s death. [1] Government statistics indicate that the chances of death by abortion are even less. But while deaths from childbirth are accurately reported, many deaths by legal abortion are not. This completely skews the statistics. Furthermore, “abortion actually increases the chance of maternal death in later pregnancies.” [2] This means that some maternal deaths in full-term pregnancies are actually caused by earlier abortions, which creates a double inaccuracy.


But even if abortion did result in fewer maternal deaths, that wouldn’t make it safer. The nonfatal but significant complications of abortion are much more frequent and serious than those of full-term pregnancy. One researcher states: [3]

The evidence overwhelmingly proves that the morbidity and mortality rates of legal abortion are several times higher than that for carrying a pregnancy to term. 


We can all make up facts.


Praying for the repose of this woman’s soul & for her baby as well.


This is a rare occurance.

ANY medical procedure has risks.


And if this was a legitimate medical procedure, you’d have a point. I realize you are being glib by referring to it as a medical procedure, as though that makes it legitimate, but as we know, it never is. The thread might as well be about a woman who died while having her boyfriend carve his initials in her chest. That would be and equally legitimate medical procedure.

Why is it in the thread about the man that was inflicted with unnecessary pain in the botched Oklahoma execution, it was met with unanimous horror, since most on here oppose both the execution and the unneeded pain.

This situation is no different, except there is a case Catholics can make for the death penalty. Abortion is never acceptable, which makes this doubly tragic.

You’d think Catholics who don’t have an issue with abortion or non-Catholics who disagree with the Church would tire of years and years of making the same glib comments, as though anyone is impressed or shocked at their apparent (and obviously intentional) callousness. It isn’t novel, cool, or shocking. Sad to be sure, but it is the kind of thing I see teenagers do in an attempt to be unique or create a shocking moment. It is really tired and played out.


Lakisha Wilson of Cleveland Ohio joins Tanya Reeves of Chicago Illinois as 2 women from Northern Cities in the USA who have recently passed on during obtaining an abortion. There names will be put on the memorial for those killed during abortion.

Names like these:

[list] Mickey Apodaca, TX, 1984

Gloria Aponte, CT, 1986

Barbara Auerbach, NJ, 1981

Jacqueline Bailey, CA, 1977

Myrta Baptiste, FL, 1977

Lisa Bardsley, AZ, 1995

Junette Barnes, TX, 1988

Deanna Bell, IL, 1992

Brenda Benton, IL, 1987

Rosario Bermeo, NY, 1983

Janet Blaum, LA, 1974

Cassandra Bleavins, CA, 1971

Diane Boyd, MO, 1981

Mary Bradley, AL, 1985

Dorothy Brown, IL, 1974




I think that would depend on a lot on where you are in the world. If you were having an abortion in a developed country with the appropriate level of care, you’d probably be less likely to die than if you gave birth in a developing country.

Conversely, if you gave birth in a developed country with the appropriate level of care, you’d probably be less likely to die than if you had an unsafe ‘back alley’ abortion in a developing country.


Conversely, I think all of those arguing pro-choice perspectives just aren’t bothered that another black woman might as well be minority woman has been killed during an abortion.


So you think pro-choice people are racists? That’s a pretty heavy accusation.


Your accusation is pretty heavy.

Do demographics show up in abortion? You bet they do in the USA if 13% of the population gets 33+% of the abortions. Or do you consider that meaningless?

In other words, in the USA, race really can not be avoided in talking about abortion.

Sorry if the truth makes you uneasy.

This lady was also getting a late term abortion. So who knows if the baby may have been viable for all of this.


It may be because the clinics are not as good but I think you look at women who have died during abortion procedures, I think those names are disproportionately minority names.

If people argue “pro-choice” then indeed, all factors should be laid on the table.

You bet, pro-choicers should accept the realization when they are for abortion rights, they are for it affecting minorities disproportionately compared to the population in-full. Why I don’t want any taxpayer dollars going to something like this.


Okay…? So what are you saying? Another black woman dying during an abortion doesn’t bother you? 13% of the population getting a 3rd of all abortions doesn’t bother you? Different strokes I guess.


Do a little research on Margaret Sanger the founder of planned parenthood. She had a very racist agenda.


Indeed, if simply posting a story draws various remarks, truth is truth. Black pro-lifers especially will tell you this.

With this story too, for the first time, I’m noticing, with restrictions on abortion happening in the South and a few other states more, we are also starting to see some areas where abortion is more concentrated, where these deaths of women have occurred and that 2 of the 3 most recent ones for certain involved late-term abortions.

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