Woman dies after Cleveland abortion


Pro-life groups in Ohio have confirmed the death and identity of a woman who was rushed to the hospital after undergoing a late-term abortion in Cleveland. LaKisha Wilson, 22, was pronounced dead March 28, one week after she stopped breathing while at Preterm, a downtown abortion center.

In a 911 emergency call recording of the incident, published last week, a Preterm staff member asked for emergency help for a patient who was unconscious and not breathing. She said doctors and nurses at the facility were doing CPR in an effort to revive the woman. A dispatch transcript of the ambulance response listed the patient code as “Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest/Death.”

Pro-life workers said they believed Wilson was brain dead from the time she arrived at the hospital, but was kept on life support in order to preserve her organs for donation. Laura Beth Kirsop, a communications director for Ohio Right to Life, said another local pro-life organization had been in contact with Wilson’s family members. Ohio.com has published an obituary notice.



Pray for her soul, and the soul of her child… and the abortionist…


Praying for the repose of this mother’s soul & that of her baby. Praying the abortionist as well.


How sad. In my prayers.


How sad. Only 22. I think of all the advertisements for drugs on tv and the warnings they announce and possible side effects.
When women go to these clinics or planned parenthood are they told of the dangers and possible complications of having an abortion?
These clinics want women to think these are simple procedures?
Besides aborting a pregnancy you have to deal with the moral
Consequences of what you have done. My prayers for the soul of this young mother and her baby.

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