Woman dies to save her baby



I hope I’ve posted this in the correct forum.

The news is bittersweet, yet one would hope that more moms would have such strength and courage. (myself included)

God bless.
And may we pray for this woman’s family?

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Thank you.


Praying for the repose of this mother’s soul. Praying for her family & baby.


Poor lady :frowning: Although it sounds like her cancer was of a very aggressive kind and may well have killed her even if she had ended the pregnancy and had an MRI straight away - chemo can only do so much.


Prayers also for her faminly, She is a saint. I had a friend that did a very same thing when she found she had Cancer during her 9th pregnancy. She died a year later. He wonderful husband raised the children. God Bless them all. Memaw


This story reminds me of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. That mother made an amazing sacrifice.


Cancer sucks!

I’m so glad she could hold her baby! Pray for her soul too. Her husband and baby also need prayers to journey on without her.


I was just thinking about this lady and how similar it is to when Jesus was in the desert being tempted by satan. I think in the medical field, we are often approached with “save yourself” above self giving. This lady saw through this and was able to have the joy of holding the baby she and her husband created. Praise be to God.


I would pray to have such strength and courage.
She has surely touched many hearts and it is my sincerest prayer that she is enjoying The Beatific vision as we speak.

God bless you.


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