Woman dumps sulfuric acid on priest hearing confessions in Nicaragua


The priest, Father Mario Guevara, was immediately taken to the hospital. He had a chemical burn on one eye and his shoulders.

There is no report on why the woman did it.

Nicaragua is a small American country of 6 million people just south of Mexico.


This is terrible. All these different cases of people being thrown acid at are of an undescribable premeditated evil…It is just terrible …


Prayers for the poor priest, that he recovers from this attack.

This woman sounds mentally disturbed. Prayers for her too.


This is terrible.

It is so sad that our good and holy priests face persecution over the crimes of a minority of their brothers.

Prayers for the priest and for the attacker.


I had a safety talk by a man who was severely burned by sulfuric acid over a large portion of his body. He was delivering it into a tank and a valve broke, exposing him to the acid.

When it makes contact with water, it heats up (heat of solution) so there is the chemical damage and the simultaneous chemical interaction with flesh.

I’ve seen acid attacks depicted as a form of torture in prisons. I can’t imagine there are many places to get the acid in Nicaragua. It’s a very inhumane action against the priest, certainly, and against the Church.


May God bless this priest with healing and peace and my his attacker receive the gift of repentance and reconciliation.

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